Expansion of Unison Corporation into Asian Markets


Unison Corporation, one of the fastest-growing forex brokerage group in Europe, is now eyeing expansion into Asian markets. It will be the major focus of the company for the year, with China being their first target country due to the huge market potential.

Asian countries tend to have larger financial sectors than countries in other regions at similar levels of income. But Asia is a diverse place, and while financial sectors in tis dynamic emerging markets are large, they are not yet as large or as sophisticated as those of Asia’s emerging markets – 105 percent GDP at the end of 2012 – tends to be a larger share of GDP than in emerging markets in other regions, the share among Asia’s advanced economies is 194 percent.

Unison Corporation into Asian Markets

The first challenge for Unison Corporation in expanding into the Asian market will be to catch up with the rapid growth in the region. Asia’s emerging markets are expected to move from 30 percent of world GDP to 41 percent in 2023. As financial markets deepen, new IMF suggests, the proportion of emerging Asia’s financial assets could rise to 31 percent in 2023, from 18 percent today.

Mark J Smith, Managing Partner of Unison, said the company is in final discussions with their partnering companies in China and Malaysia, followed by Thailand and Vietnam. While working on the expansion strategy is the first step, Smith believes that forging local partnerships and relationships has a crucial role to play, as it’s often the case that the reality of doing business doesn’t always mirror the expectation. Thus, working with a local partner not only acts as an access point to a range of services to help with choice of location or finance, but it can offer Unison a lifeline in understanding and navigating their way around the local compliance and regulatory landscape.

On top of that, Unison has always worked on becoming the most trusted forex brokerage partner for their clients, through providing a transparent trading platforms and guaranteed safety of funds. With that in mind, they successfully secured the currency brokerage license of Labuan Financial Services Authority (LFSA), in which they are approved for Straight Through Processing (STP) mode business. With this license, operations of Unison strictly comply with domestic and international best practice standards. They can only operate order matching business and is not allowed to become counterparties to any orders, which provides further security for their clients.

The technology and research team of Unison, which pioneered the research of Algorithmic Trading, has now brought the technology to a new height and they have entered the second phase of strategy testing. They plan to introduce the latest algorithmic trading system, or also known as the automated trading system, to their clients, including the Asian market, after all the trials have been done on the system.

With everything in hand, Unison has ushered in a new era for markets. As Asia continues to outpace the world in economic growth, the question will be how Unison can make sure the worlds fastest growing financial system can also become its safest.