Explained About PUBG Battle Points BP and Crates

So, how many Battle Points (BP) must you get a crate, and what can you get out of them? If you’re fairly new to the game or just curious about it, we’ve covered you up on that line. We’ll go over the crate hole in this guide.

PUBG’s Battle Points and Crates

Explained About PUBG Battle Points BP and Crates 3

You will trade Battle Points (BP) against randomized crates on the menu. If you’ve purchased a random crate, you’ll get one sort of crate from the set selection and item access. A couple of types of crates are currently available in the game. And, in the future, there are plans for more styles.

How much BP do you need to buy a crate?

As you may already know, at the end of every round you get BP, which shows how well you faced your challenges. Staying alive for a long time and a high kill number do the magic. Below is the pricelist of the crates. As you may see every next one is more expensive than the previous one.

  •  First Pioneer Crate: 700 BP
  •  Second Pioneer Crate: 1400 BP
  •  Third Pioneer Crate: 2800 BP
  •  Fourth Pioneer Crate: 4200 BP
  •  Fifth Pioneer Crate: 5600 BP

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What’s inside the crates? 

The crates are filled with awesome clothes and sometimes weapons. Here are three examples with full lists of the stuff inside. All PUBG items can be bought from the Steam Community Marketplace individually if you are after a specific one. Read more here.

However, in case you are not interested in spending with actual cash for cosmetics then almost all of these PUBG items could be present in both the Wanderer Crate or Survivor Crate without investing a dime – it will take some grinding, that’s all.

 1. Wanderer Crate contents

  •  Ballistic Mask
  •  Bloody Combat Pants
  •  Blue Hi-top Trainers
  •  Boots (Punk)
  •  Cargo Pants (Beige)
  •  Cargo Pants (Blue)
  •  Cargo Pants (Khaki)
  •  Dirty Tank-top (White)
  •  Floral Shirt
  •  Gas Mask (Full)
  •  Glasses (Punk)
  •  Hotpants (Blue)
  •  Long-Sleeved T-shirt (Striped)
  •  Long-sleeved T-shirt (Black)
  •  Long-sleeved T-shirt (Light Blue)
  •  Mandarin Jacket (Blue)
  •  Padded Jacket (Urban)
  •  Pleated Mini-skirt (Blue)
  •  Protective Sunglasses
  •  School Shirt (Open)
  •  School Shoes
  •  Slacks (Blue)
  •  T-shirt (Red)
  •  T-shirt (Striped)
  •  Tank-top (Charcoal)
  •  Working Boots

 2. Survivor Crate contents

  •  Baseball Cap
  •  Beanie
  •  Brown Hi-top Trainers
  •  Checkered Shirt (Red)
  •  Checkered Shirt (White)
  •  Combat Pants (Black)
  •  Combat Pants (Blue)
  •  Combat Pants (Camo)
  •  Combat Pants (White)
  •  Fingerless Gloves (Camo)
  •  Fingerless Gloves (Tan)
  •  Grey Boots
  •  Matched Grey Shirt
  •  Mini-skirt (Purple)
  •  Padded Jacket (Beige)
  •  Padded Jacket (Camo)
  •  Padded Jacket (Khaki)
  •  Shirt (White)
  •  Slacks (Purple)
  •  Trench Coat (Black)
  •  Trench Coat (Camel)
  •  Trench Coat (Grey)
  •  Trench Coat (Red)
  •  Vintage Baseball Hat (Black)
  •  Vintage Baseball Hat (White)
  •  Women’s Tuxedo Jacket (Purple)

 3. Biker Crate contents

  •  Aviator Goggles
  •  Beanie (Gray)
  •  Biker Pants (Black)
  •  Biker Pants (Gray)
  •  Cloth Mask (Checkered)
  •  Dirty Long-sleeved T-shirt
  •  Floral Shirt (Black)
  •  Floral Shirt (White)
  •  Gas Mask (Half)
  •  Long-sleeved T-shirt (Red)
  •  Padded Jacket (Purple)
  •  Patrol Cap (Brown)
  •  Patrol Cap (Gray)
  •  Polka Dot T-shirt
  •  Princess Power Tank-top
  •  Raglan Shirt
  •  School Shoes (Black)
  •  School Shoes (Brown)
  •  Skinny Jeans (Khaki)
  •  Skinny Jeans (Pink)
  •  Sleeveless Biker Jacket (Black)
  •  Sleeveless Biker Jacket (Brown)
  •  Sleeveless Turtleneck (Gray Striped)
  •  Sleeveless Turtleneck (Red)
  •  Sneakers (Black)
  •  T-shirt (Pink striped)

Perhaps with new sets of cosmetics and skins that ensure you never get sick of your wardrobe, the types of PUBG crates available change frequently. You can get crates by purchasing them with the game currency, Battle Points.