6 Factors Why You Must Review the Backlinks of Your Website

When it comes to marketing your brand, companies employ several tools to ensure maximum visibility. Earlier on, when brands wanted to make sure people knew about them, they’d put out flyers or ads on TV. Nowadays, however, in digital marketing, these two factors are more or less redundant. SEO tools and techniques are the faces of advertising these days.

6 Must Factor to Review Backlinks of Your Website

Factors Why You Must Review the Backlinks of Your Website

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SEO utilizes simple yet powerful tools to ensure that customers become familiar with your brand and services that you become a household name. If you think the days when you’ll have your website bustling with traffic are unattainable, think again.

SEO can drive traffic hordes to your website and allow you to position yourself as an expert in your field. However, using SEO techniques is no simple task, and any slip-ups can drop your rankings. Backlinks are some of the most effective and commonly used SEO tools, but they’re also incredibly easy to get wrong. If you’re wondering what backlinks are and how you can use them well, keep reading below.

What are backlinks?

Much of marketing these days is about peer reviews. Before buying any product, customers explore the internet to see if they can find any trusted reviews. Backlinks are precisely that vote of confidence from trusted sources. In plain words, backlinks are inbound links, linking one website to another.

They help to drive traffic and show potential clients that others vouch for your services as well. However, if you’re new to the world of SEO, you’ll find it hard to research and manage your backlinks. This step is incredibly important because if you don’t check backlinks, you can do your business more harm than good.

Instead of your backlinks telling search engines that your website is good quality and reliable, the result can be the exact opposite. So, here are six factors why you should keep an eye on your backlinks and review them.

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Bad backlinks can damage your reputation

When it comes to backlinks, the best ones are from trusted websites with a good ranking. Backlinks from popular and high-authority domains can shoot up your popularity in the blink of an eye. However, backlinks from shady websites do the exact opposite.

As a rule of thumb, make sure to eliminate any backlinks from potentially spammy websites or any websites with illegal content, adult websites, or gambling websites. Even if your services are unrelated to these sites’ content, being mentioned alone can make you seem guilty by association. Potential clients definitely won’t build a great impression of your website, and neither will search engines.

With too many spammy backlinks, your website’s ranking can fall pretty fast. An excellent way to check whether you have too many bad backlinks piling up is by frequent backlink reviews.

Safeguard yourself against negative SEO

SEO isn’t just optimistic. Your competitors can easily use it to get your website’s ranking to fall. If you aren’t well-prepared, this tactic can be beneficial. While there are several ways your competitors can use negative SEO against you, an oft-used tactic is by flooding your backlinks with spam.

When you review backlinks regularly, you can quickly check whether your competitors are creating spammy links to your website or not. Left unchecked, not only do these backlinks create a terrible impression about your website on potential clients, but they also make your ranking drop exponentially. Negative SEO by building spammy backlinks is one of the most effective ways that competitors can use to bring down any website.

Negative SEO is notoriously tricky to get rid of, and bad linking is the most effective tactic for bad SEO. Therefore, make sure that you stay vigilant, and keep track of any new backlinks added to your website.

Backlinks can help you identify customer complaints

Many of the backlinks we get are from reviews whenever someone is talking about our website or product. While positive reviews are always appreciated, negative reviews won’t just be bad for your search engine ranking, but terrible for business as well.

Keeping track of your backlinks is an easy way to track what customers say about your website or products. If you identify any complaints or bad reviews, you can smoothly and efficiently address them by monitoring backlinks. If you allow too many bad reviews with backlinks to pile up, you’re bound to lose much business.

Keeping track of backlink mentions is a great way of consistently adapting to what the customers want to provide the best product or service in the market.

Protect yourself from penalties

The entire point of SEO is to ensure that you’re listed amongst the first few options whenever potential clients search up a relevant keyword. Only 25% of users ever make it to the second page of search results, and penalties can throw you even lower than page 2.

Your website can drop off entirely from the search results, and your ranking for keywords will also drop exponentially. Spammy backlinks are one of the top reasons why websites get penalized. Once you get a penalty, it can be challenging to recover your ranking.

So, make sure you keep a careful eye on those backlinks to keep liabilities at bay.

Replicate your best backlinks

When reviewing backlinks, it isn’t always to get rid of bad ones. Instead, conducting regular backlink checks means that you can keep track of which ones drive the most amount of traffic to your website.

If any backlink sends direct traffic, it’s a good idea to replicate it. After all, the more traffic you get, the more customers you can generate from the data collected.

Make sure spending money is worth it

It can be challenging for any company ā€“ especially a new one ā€“ to build a comprehensive SEO strategy without the right tools. Chances are, you’re working with a company that provides SEO services to improve your ranking.

However, you must keep track of the services you’re paying for, and the best way to do so is by reviewing backlinks. Without these checks, you may be just paying for spam links that do you more harm than good. By keeping a close watch on backlinks, you can ensure that you don’t build your website on spam.


Backlinks are undeniably the backbone of your SEO strategy, and without proper reviews, you can cripple yourself. Keeping checks on your backlinks takes little to no time and helps you keep your website penalty-free and at the top of search results.

Not all links get equally created, and monitoring your backlinks can help you weed out the bad ones and replicate the best ones.

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