7 Fantastic Cities for College Students

Everyone knows that when one is deciding where he wants to and has his studies, many factors affect his decision. Some of the factors include the program’s cost, university reputation, and the university’s rank.

These decisions above are the most valued factors that most students consider. Above all, one will want his studies in a place that is located in a conducive place.

Fantastic Cities for College Students

Fantastic Cities for College Students

We will give you a list of the cities you can as a student can decide when you want to study abroad. This list will follow the criteria of affordability, accessibility, employability, and cultural opportunities.

For those students who are still finding it hard to select a city where they can go and study, this article is designed by thesishelpers.com and is meant for you.


Most residents in Barcelona are from Catalonia. Barcelona is one of the biggest cities in Spain. It is number according to size. It has a population of about one million six hundred thousand people. Barcelona is loved for its football, culture, nightlife, and Gaudi architecture. It is a destination that is common for people in Europe.


Berlin is populated with about three million five hundred thousand people. Berlin is the biggest capital city of Germany. Berlin has a variety of museums that students can visit while studying. Berlin also has the highest number of relaxation parks on the European continent. If you are the kind of student who loves BBQs, then Berlin is the best city that you can go to.

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Paris is located in France and has a population of about ten million people. The urban part of Paris is most populated compared to other areas of different countries in Europe. France is the biggest capital city of France. It is rich in culture, economics, politics. Paris also consists of numerous and various museums that students can visit.


Vienna is located in Austria. It is the biggest city in Austria. Vienna is a hub for culture, education, and politics. It used to be the capital of the Austro-Hungarian empire. It means that the city is rich in history, and one can see the evidence by just looking at the nice buildings. Vienna houses very many organizations.


MIT Harvard is in Cambridge but is still within Boston. Boston is populated with about seven point six million people. Boston contains a lot of history. The past of Boston makes Boston a center of attraction.


It is the biggest city in Canada. Toronto contains a population of about five million five hundred thousand residents. It is known for being an international and friendly city. It is also a good location for finance, software production, and business.

Toronto is close to New York, making it a place where one can decide to choose life in the city or exploring nature.


It is on the south-eastern coast of Australia; it is one of the world’s top lovable cities. It has a high cost of living, but there are job opportunities in Melbourne. Melbourne is also known for its culture. Good location, excellent lifestyle, and so on. Melbourne is one of the main cities in Australia.


One can go to and study from various cities, but these are just a few cities that one can select from. That’s if you have to fail to find a suitable city for your studies.

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