Features That Makes GoGoPDF the Best PDF Converter Tool

We think it’s safe to say that everyone reading this is familiar with what a PDF or Portable Document Format is, right? Well, if not, then you’re in luck! A PDF file is admired by many because of its read-only nature. However, there might come a time when you would need to manage or edit your PDF files, and that is where a PDF converter tool comes in handy.

But what makes GoGoPDF the most convenient and easiest way for you to convert your files? In this article, we will give you some of the handy features that GoGoPDF has to offer. Knowing these features, we guarantee that GoGoPDF will be your next go-to converter tool.

PDF Converter Tool

Features That Makes GoGoPDF the Best PDF Converter Tool


So, what is GoGoPDF? GoGoPDF is a PDF converter tool that can be used for free by anyone anytime and anywhere you want. It gives you the benefit of just editing your documents just by using your mobile devices. GoGoPDF offers many choices of file formats for you to convert Word to PDF, Excel to PDF, PPT to PDF, HTML to PDF, JPG to PDF.

Not only that, but GoGoPDF is not just a converter tool, but it also has other handy functionalities such as PDF compressing, splitting, merging, repairing, protecting, and many more. It prides itself in its versatility and that it can be used by anyone, including professionals, students, and your average joes. As long as you have an internet connection, you are guaranteed you’ll not experience any problems.

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Platform Availability

Of course, everyone wants a PDF converter tool that can be used on any device type, right? What’s more is that you can also use it on any operating system such as Linux, Windows, or Mac. And on any web browser type like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Opera.

You wouldn’t have to borrow your colleague’s mobile device just to do some converting on GoGoPDF. Just any type of device will do, whether it’s a laptop, PC, tablet, Android smartphone, or iPhone. GoGoPDF guarantees that all of its users will not encounter any compatibility issues whenever using their services.

File Safety

Usability is one issue, but security is another, right? GoGoPDF has managed to combine both usability and security in their services, making them one of the best PDF converter tools in the market right now. Even when you access it on an incognito browser, it still has certain limitations.

The truth about the incognito mode is that it only conceals you from yourself, but it does not do much in protecting your files’ safety, security, and privacy. However, whenever you utilize GoGoPDF’s services, you can rest assured that there is nothing for you to worry about since they have placed a Secure Socket Layer or an SSL encryption to make sure that your files are safe whenever you move them through the internet.

Customer Service

Customer service is probably the best feature that GoGoPDF has to offer to all of its users. Whenever you experience any problems whenever accessing GoGoPDF’s tools or services, their customer service response team will be ready to assist you with anything that would hasten the completion of your tasks for the day.

If you’re a new user on GoGoPDF, just hit their customer service, and they will gladly help you along the way. It is also open to customer feedback on whatever your comments may be as they are committed to improving their services and features further.

Pro Accounts

Yes, GoGoPDF also offers all of its users a Pro account version where you can have unlimited features that will surely enhance and quicken your experience on the platform. After all, that is the goal whenever you want to convert PDF files, right? Finish as soon as possible, then move on to the next one.

Upgrading your account to a pro version enables you to process as much as you want simultaneously, which means that you can save a lot of time just for a reasonable and cheap price. Additionally, you can now finally get rid of all the annoying and unnecessary unskippable videos and pop-up ads, which would ultimately consume much of your time. You will also get priority whenever you require assistance from the customer service team.


A quick search of PDF converter tools on your web browser will give you hundreds and hundreds of tools to choose from. But these features are what make GoGoPDF much more superior and more convenient than any other tools you will ever find. Using GoGoPDF’s services will save a lot of resources and time, which makes it an undisputed choice for anyone who is always in a rush.