How to Find the Perfect Niche for the Blog

I have come across many bloggers who after some time start falling short of ideas, and the excuse is that the niche they are writing about does not have much to say or offer. Blogging is just like Gyming where starting is always easy and energetic, but keeping the habit consistent throughout is a hustle. Thus, pre-planning is necessary and should not be taken for granted.

Find the Perfect Niche for Blog

The niche you decide to write on today could affect the next 5-10 years of your life especially if you are planning to make money through blogging. You will notice that you will not have enough motivation and the drive to continue will be missing. Thus, if you are planning to start a blog any time soon, the first thing you need to sort is your niche.

Here are some steps one should focus on while they decide their niche

Write Something You are Passionate About

When you start blogging about something you are not interested or passionate about, you will not really have the drive to push through. The result will be, you will end up writing anything and everything which will mess the things up instead of spicing them. How could you expect your followers to care about why and what you share if you don’t care about the same?  I have used it for the website the Career Episode Report for Engineers.

Notably, the sheet turns when you start writing about something you have an experience in or something you love to follow. Passion will always push you through; it will keep you motivated and will not let you give up and soon. You will notice a change. You will come up with better ideas, thoughts and creative write-ups, and blog posts written with this passion is enough to popularize it at some point in time.

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But Wait Will this Earn you Money?

To be very honest the main motto behind most of the blogs running today is to earn money through various means of advertising, and product promotion. Well, this is no bad as it will earn you some extra money for having an aesthetic breakfast, but this is not as simple as it sounds to be.

Go and research, is the niche you are planning to start a blog on is profitable? A traveling blog will attract much more audience than a technology blog as not everyone is tech savvy, but everyone wants to look good. Same goes for a fashion blog where every other person is finding a new way to drape a piece of cloth.

Now where your blog stands in terms of audience? I am not saying that a technology blog won’t earn you gigs, it surely will. But the amount may vary. Also, one advantage of choosing an unsaturated niche is that it might get popular much faster (if you are able to pour in creative content) as the competition is limited.

What if Your Niche is not a True Niche?

You may be passionate about cardboards, but that is not a niche and choosing the same will shatter your dream of earning money for an aesthetic breakfast (if you specifically want to earn money through blogging).

Look whether there has been anything published about your niche in books, magazines, or journals and that too by popular publishers. If you can find articles for the same, then it is a safe bet to start blogging about it. This is because veteran publishers always write on topics through which they can connect and attract the attention of the audience.

Such magazines and journals will give you knowledge about what is surfing red hot. Plus, there are many research tools you can take help from in case you want to find whether your niche is popular or not. Long Tail Pro, Google Trends are some of the best tools for the job.

Open Up Your Mind

Even if you are thoroughly familiar with your niche don’t make the mistake of taking things lightly. There is always something you can improve, and blogging is all about getting the right ideas penned. Once you are done with selecting a niche the next step is adding subtopics to it. For example, your niche is ‘Love’ with a subtopic titled ‘Family’. Now, this sounds a lot more relatable, right?

Here you got an extra topic you can write about without going off track. Such subtopics will go very well with your present niche. In simple words, everything the audience will find on your blog will be relatable to your niche.

This does not end here; the next step is to think about whether you can extract 50-200+ blog post topics from the similar niche? And also will you be able to continue this at least 3-5 years from now.

When you are able to pull things for a long, specifically with blogging, you will notice a number of advantages. After a couple of years, you can invite guest bloggers to contribute to your blog which is one of the best strategies to popularize your writing and earn money.

Always strive to bring out new ideas for your blog, shuffle that creative corner of your mind and produce some ideas which audience can relate too. If your audience is enjoying your hard work, then you are doing it the right way.

Well, these points are everything you need understand when you sit back to find topics to blog on. You don’t need to think much just think smart and pen down all the ideas you always wanted to share. Every story won’t be a classic tale but the more you will write the more you will understand and grow in your niche.

Author Bio

Kushagra Gupta is an editor at CDR report writing and also a journalism student who loves to pen down his thoughts on habits, personal development and anything pleasing to eyes.