My First AdSense Earning Report $143.11 From Google AdSense

Success is the key to making a beautiful life. So today, I will show My first AdSense earning report $143.11 even that was such succeeded story of me. We need money to live joyfully even in the world have various ways to earn money a lot. As a result, you have to work so hard. Every senior’s persons say that hard work will help you to collect your success easily. The phrase is 100% true, isn’t it? If you mind that this is not a true phrase then you can try as yourself. However, it was my general introduction for increasing your mental activity to get success in the various section.

Actually, I don’t know what kinds of success occurred for others but I have a different kind of success. I am successes of online blogging. What is blogging? It was my first keyword in Google search result and day by day I also able to acquire knowledge about blogging. I have followed some success of top blogger online. Even behind every success has a big story.

My First AdSense Earning Report $143.11

However, I started blogging on 10 November 2016. Every day I try to publish a unique article with the best On page and Off page SEO. As a result, I got my AdSense account fully approved on 5 January 2017. Although, I didn’t agree to put my AdSense code on several pages because there has not enough content. As far I know that Google doesn’t like to show ads on slow visitor’s website. I continue publishing the article on my site.  After all, I have put my AdSense ads code in my web page successfully. My earning has been started.

$143.11 Dollar Earning History

March 2017, my first payment was $48 dollar. It was first to pay of Google. All the publisher knew that when we reach $100 dollar then Google Pay us directly deposit to the wire transfer (Bank facility) or others way. So it was just $48 dollar of $100 dollar. Now I need more $52 dollar to reach $100 dollar. However, the next month has been started. The next month was April 2017 and I also able to earn $95.11 dollar on April month. Starting balance was for May month $143.11. The balance was calculated March and April month as well as I have reached my payment threshold. So I can get payment after 21 days of reaching the threshold. it was the best part of my first AdSense earning report $143.11

My First AdSense Earning Report $143.11
My First AdSense Earning Report $143.11

Adds Payments Methods

I am from Bangladesh. So according to the AdSense terms and condition, they provide the best facility for Bangladesh. As a result, we can get paid by postal service, Bank wire transfer, Payoneer Master Card. As a first AdSense income, I wanted to get payment by Check. The check will be transferred to the postal service. My Check was issued on May 23, 2017. I wanted to get my AdSense income by the check so it has been transferred on May 21, 2017, and issued May 23, 2017. I mind that My Check would be gotten easily and shortly. But I don’t know that something wrong going to happens with me.

Earn $100 Dollar from

After Getting Payment By Check

After all, I got my first payment by check on June 12, 2017. The check was supported by Google Asia-specific LTD. The check was payable by City Bank NA. Only one branch have in Bangladesh. The branch location is Gulshan 1, Dhaka Bangladesh. I can’t deposit my check on this Bank. Because recently they stopped accepting the foreign check. As a result, I couldn’t deposit my first AdSense check on the City Bank NA.

My First AdSense Earning Report $143.11
My First AdSense Earning Report $143.11

So if you are a Bangladeshi AdSense publisher, I suggest you add your payment method by wire transfer. Actually, I am happy (but unlucky) because I got my first payment by check (but can’t deposit). Although, I have no problems with this check because I can request for reissue to get my payment after 60 days of first issue date. this is another part of my first AdSense earning report $143.11

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End Line of the Story

After all, I have successfully shared my first AdSense payment history. As an AdSense publisher, I am happy to work with Google AdSense. My best remembered day was 13 June 2017 for getting my payment by check. Thanks for spending your most important time. If you have any question then show me on the comment box as yourself.