5 Things You Must Never Do to Your Customers

By selling product or service to your customers, you will get one of the two possible responses from them. First, your customers will be happy with your product or service. Or, second, your customers will be disappointed with your product or service.

As with any business, retaining customers’ satisfaction is the most important objective that you need to achieve in order to keep doing business with them. In order to keep your customers happy, here are 5 things you must never do to your customers:

Things You Must Never Do to Your Customers

1. Never give them worthless product

The product that you sell to your customers is the main objective here. It will either give them satisfaction or disappoint them. When you give a good quality product – a product that can fulfill their needs and give them a real result – you will get their compliments. But, when you give them worthless product – a product that cannot meet your customers’ needs – you are attracting their anger.

In selling product to your customers, it is important to sell them the best product that you have and avoid giving them worthless product in return for their money.

2. Never rip them off

Your product price will also affect your success in dealing with your customers. Do you want to price a modest product $97 a copy? This is a clear rip-off, and your customers will rarely happy with it. If they buy your product and they feel unsatisfied with it, they will ask for their money back and they will likely to spread bad words about your product in various places online.

Do you want them to do that? Of course not. You can avoid this by pricing your product right. Make sure that the price is affordable, and most importantly, it must equal the value that you give to your customers.

3. Never disappoint them with false promise

Merchants are often deceiving their customers just to create a false impression about their products. And this is not the right way to attract long-lasting customers into your business. Yes, you can tell your customers that your product can do this and that, but make sure that what you tell them is the truth about your product.

Do not ever lie to your customers by giving them false promise regarding the product that you sell to them. Strive to over-deliver instead of under-delivery.

4. Never abandon them

Once your customers purchased your product, your business doesn’t end here. You have to make sure that your customers are happy with your product for as long as possible. Thus, you shouldn’t abandon your customers after they’ve purchased your product.

You have to respond to their feedbacks, answer their questions, help them solve their problems with the product, and so on. In this way, you become a responsible seller that your customers will love. Even better, you should create a mailing list that consists of your customers.

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5. Never deceive your customers

Scamming is a bad word, isn’t it? And do you think your customers will be happy when they’ve found out that they’ve been scammed by you? Certainly not. They will not be happy at all. So, you have to strive to do business honestly, and you must never deceive your customers in any way. This will become your foundation of success in selling anything, whether online or offline.

Those are 5 things that you must never do to your customers. Treat them properly, and they will come to you again and again, with a smile in their faces.

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