Free and Secure VPN, or just a proxy server?

Free VPN is a service that is very common on the Internet today. If earlier the World Wide Web was an oasis of freedom of speech and action, today more and more users are thinking about how to hide the IP of their computer. And here various VPN programs come to their aid. Many sites offer VPN services absolutely free, but we all know the folk wisdom about free cheese. So before using the services of such resources, you need to think about whether it is worth the risk?

How VPN service works

How VPN service works

Any VPN service works according to the following principle: the user visits the desired site not directly from his provider, but through a special server. In addition, an encrypted channel is created between the client and the server. Both paid and free VPNs work according to this principle. Naturally, many people want to get VPN for free. However, this approach is fraught with the loss of your confidential data and a compromised computer. Of course, if you do not use e-wallets, do not carry out banking operations from your PC, then you are unlikely to suffer serious losses. Otherwise, the free VPN service is not for you, because no one will give guarantees that attackers will not use the information received from you.

What are proxy servers?

A proxy server is an intermediary between a users’ connection and the target server. So, the server sees your actions as it was from absolute another PC. HTTP(s) and Socks5 are the most popular protocols for this category of anonymizers. You should use HTTP(s) only for internet surfing, browsing, Netflix, etc. Socks5 protocol is developed for much harder operations, like web-scraping via specialized software. Let’s take a look at one popular proxy provider.

So, is a service that provides a high-quality VPN alike service, called proxy servers. With its help, you can not only hide your Internet activity from your own provider but also perform the following operations:

Visit sites with limited access. You are probably familiar with the situation when the necessary program or information is located on a foreign site, where registration from the IP of a specific region or country is required. Not every free VPN is able to bypass this limitation, but this provider does an excellent job with it.
Perform the functions of an anonymizer. Today anonymizer for Facebook or other social networks is a very popular service. Many employers block visits to such sites from a work computer. Our program will help you bypass this blocking.

Establish a secure Wi-Fi connection. Today Wi-Fi is widely used in almost all crowded places – in cafes, restaurants, clubs, business centers, train stations, etc. However, it is through Wi-Fi that cybercriminals quite often manage to read the necessary information from other people’s computers and mobile devices. Using VPN services for free, you will not secure your Wi-Fi connections, but proxy copes with the task “perfectly”!