Get Trendy and Youthful With Stripes

The truth is, you can never get tired of stripes. They will impress you with their bold styles and patterns. But what makes stripes an all-time favourite is they are truly timeless. Be it the 80s or the new millennia, rocking in an outfit with stripes never goes out of style.

Trendy and Youthful With Stripes

Trendy and Youthful With Stripes

The stripe fashion trend must be your first consideration when you buy western dresses online in India. This trend continues to transition seamlessly from one season to another, and the country is loving it! You will simply refuse to let go of the stripe trend that’s making your wardrobe look fab. So, don’t stick on to the same styling. Here are some chic ways to dress up with stripes.

Poised In a Pantsuit

While the pantsuit may have been traditionally catered to men, women have just made it more impressive and dynamic. Stripes take centre stage when it comes to incorporating prints on your pantsuit. So, consider vertical stripes the next time you buy western dresses online in India. These patterns are a blessing for women who wish to look taller without straining their feet with high heels.

Stripped pantsuits are no longer reserved for a nine to five wardrobe. This ensemble is undoubtedly gaining on the quirks of contemporary fashion trends in the country. You can also choose the classic, neutral stripes that are entirely in trend. Bold, colourful stripes are marking their entry on pantsuits as well. So, which one did you pick?

Just Another Stripped Dress? Nah!

Did you know that printing mixing is rapidly gaining popularity? Well, the outcome of this effect is a fantastic combination of two evergreen prints – stripes and florals. This rare combination is something that always uplifts your style statement. Although a summertime favourite, stripped dresses make a perfect ensemble for both casual wear and parties. So, go ahead and pick those candy stripes with bold flowers for carrying a dreamlike look.

Get a Perfect Match with Stripes and Plaid

Pattern mixing has never been this exciting. Did you think that your striped tee makes little fashion sense? Well, mix it with a plaid skirt or a plaid shirt and discover the difference. Consider choosing prints from the same colour palette to look more dashing. You can avoid your outfit from turning into an over-the-top version by keeping your accessories to the minimum. Got comfy sneakers and a statement denim jacket? Add it to the mix to redefine elegant dressing.

One Is Never Enough: Horizontal and Vertical Stripes For a Chic Look

Styling with stripes has no boundaries or restrictions. Seriously, this piece of fashion will not judge you! So, dare yourself to raise the bar and style with both horizontal and vertical stripes. In fact, get playful and opt for both top wear and bottom wear in stripes. Mixing stripes with varying colours and sizes is no longer in the experimental stages. This style has graduated and is now the approved style statement for every fashionista in town.

Elegant Yet Sporty

The world of fashion is never at rest. The old trends get swept away, and the newer ones become sensations. Agreed, the trends are a hit and miss, but they do come anyway. Sometimes, it’s a pure genius at work. For instance, modern stripes paired up with athletic bomber jackets create an equal balance of being sporty and elegant. Slip into your pumps to give a defining touch to this fantastic ensemble.

Layer Stripes

Layering stripes with every other outfit is just as easy as blinking. This layering can add greater depth than any block colour. This is due to the multidimensional properties of stripes that refresh your outfit instantly.

Expert Tips on Wearing Stripes 

  • Being a perennial favourite, stripes are one of the hottest trends to watch out for this season. Yet, you need to select an outfit that matches your body shape. Here are some top tips for wearing stripes
  • Select fabrics that follow your body structure. In this regard, thick bodycon fabrics are ideal for highlighting curves. They work well with stripes as well.
  • Don’t hesitate to co-ordinate. Match that striped top with a striped skirt. The prospect may seem intimidating, but it will truly be beautiful.
  • Clashing prints is something you must not worry about. For instance, stripes and spots blend perfectly with each other. Imagine wearing a floral skirt with a horizontal stripe T-shirt. Don’t you look fab? Go ahead and begin experimenting with your wardrobe.
  • Stripes must be the focal point of your outfit. Consider sporting a plain black top with a striped skirt and pair this combination with a leather jacket. You can also check out a striped cropped jacket for adding some spice to your plain black dress.

Sometimes, you have just got to make a statement, and there is no better way than stripes. The stripe fashion fever continues to rock the season with amazing mixtures and colours. A striped outfit can surely become a game-changer in the fashion industry.