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Appearance is an important part of one’s personality. Being able to portray a clean and fresh look in your attire and appearance goes a long way in helping to shape your persona. One’s first impression is largely dependent on your appearance and wouldn’t we all prefer a good lasting impression of ourselves? How one can achieve if you ask? Well, you invest in a good quality detergent and softener that will make you look sharp, clean and fresh all the time.

Detergents and Softeners
Detergents and Softeners

Souq is an easy to use shopping site that has the best deals, amazing Souq Coupons, offers, and items curated just for you and your needs no matter what they may be. Souq has an array of items that range from everyday use like detergents and softener to electronics and household items. Souq is the most trusted name in the Middle East all because of its dedication to delivering the best to its customers. Right now Souq has an amazing deal on detergents and softeners that are necessary for the household monthly shopping list. Here are just a few that has amazing offers but you could always log on to for more exciting offers and deals.

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Following are the deals on Detergents and Softeners-

Ariel Platinum Laundry Powder Detergent Luminous HD 2.5 kg is currently offered at 32.98AED with 25% off. It is used for top load washing. The box has a powder content that is guaranteed to give you a high precision cleanliness in just one wash. The detergent is created to remove not just stains but also dullness from clothes to have them look crisp and fresh with its unique combination of surfactants, cleaning boosters and enzymes. The product is suitable for semiautomatic machines or for just hand wash too.

Tide Abaya Liquid Detergent with a pack of 2 pieces (2X1.05L) is available at 44% off. It is currently priced at 19.50 AED. It’s usable for both the front and top load. The bottle comes with scented pearls that ensure your clothes will remain smelling fresh for long hours. It has strong cleansing power. It ensures that your clothes do not get damaged. It is the recommended by most washing machine manufactures so it’s safe for your clothes and your machine.

Perail Low Foam Detergent Powder, 2X2.5 kg with a 44% off is currently priced at 41.99 AED. It is hypoallergenic tested and is guaranteed to remove the toughest stains be it chocolate or grease which means it’s perfect for your kids and husband as they are both clumsy!

Tide Automatic Original Scent Detergent Powder top load-9kg with a 26% off is priced at 65.00 AED. Tide brand is synonymous with cleaning and so you can be assured to be getting the best. The product has been newly formulated with a bleach formula that’s three times stronger and saves your time as it requires no soaking, pre-washing, or scrubbing.

Persil Advanced Power Gel LF Detergent Front Load, 5l with a 19% off is available at just 49.98AED. It is hypoallergenic tested and is upgraded with a German formula that ensures your clothes are brighter, quality is retained and has long lasting freshness and smell.

Ariel Power Gel Detergents- Pack of 2 bottles-2X2 liters is available at 39% on Souq. The product is priced at 42.99AED and is usable for both front and top load. It is the perfect detergent for targeted stain removal and it makes sure to remove stains with no residue.

Softeners are essential when it comes to doing laundry and if you’ve never used any of them, now would be the perfect time to do so. The offers would ensure that you save a great amount by purchasing these products. Softeners can help you to take your laundry experience to a whole other level as your clothes come out from a machine feeling softer and best of all that’s a lot lesser time for ironing, which should have you rushing for the softener section of

Downey perfume collection concentrated fabric softener comes in an array of fragrances such as Valley dew, Floral breeze, Dream garden, Antibac, Gentle, Feel relaxed, Feel romantic, Feel energized, Feel elegant, Feel luxurious. Each fragrance is unique that is formulated with the 1st ever perfume bubbles technology that is meant to burst when your body does any activities or to minimize body odor. It also protects your fabrics from discoloration, stretching or fuzz. It reduces wrinkles and is suitable for all fabrics.

Cool and Cool liquid fabric softener-4X1l with a 45% off comes at 17.47AED in liquid. It is the best softener that has a mild fragrance while ensuring your clothes are soft, fresh and fuzz-free.

While shopping on Souq you can be assured the best in terms of quality and price.