4 Habits to Make You an Effective Twitter User

Having a powerful network on Twitter can be very profitable for you and your business. Businesses and individuals worldwide are embracing Twitter. Whether you’re looking to acquire new clients or make some new friends, Twitter is definitely the place to be. In order to effectively achieve your goals on Twitter, you must possess some habits that will ensure your prosperity. By embracing these habits, you can meet million dollar clients or make lifelong business partners.

1. Engage

This may seem like a no-brainer but most of the Twitter users I see today don’t engage their followers. This is the equivalence of a commercial, a one-way conversation. Instead of talking to your followers, talk with them. It’s so easy to get caught up in delivering information to your followers and forget to interact and engage them.

So how do you engage? Join the conversation. Look through your timeline or lists for people tweeting things you’re interested in and jump into the conversation. You can also ask questions that will evoke responses. A great tip for if you want to meet some new people and grab some new followers is to search for a related term and then reply to people speaking on that topic. If you follow them when you talk to them, there’s a great chance they’ll follow you back. Engage!

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2. Tweet Regularly (Buffer App)

One of the most important elements of developing any relationship is time. Time is what’s needed to develop and nurture relationships. This is why it’s important that you continuously post tweets that educate and engage your audience. When you don’t tweet regularly, people forget about you, and your relationship slowly withers away. To ensure that you are tweeting regularly, try to tweet at least three times per day.

A great way to monitor and schedule your tweets is to use Buffer App. Buffer App is great for when you run across articles, quotes or content that you want to share and schedule to post on Twitter. The great thing about scheduling your tweets is that you can schedule the content to post for the next few days and not have the burden of constantly searching for new content to post every day.

Now, of course, just scheduling tweets and forgetting about it is not great for engagement. You’ll still be responsible for starting conversations and building personal relationships, but scheduling your tweets takes a burden off of you and your team and allows you to focus more on relationships. So remember to always post regularly and keep your followers close.

3. Follow the Right People

One of the biggest misconceptions of Twitter is the follower ratio. Many people believe that if you have a ton of followers and follow a small number of people, you’re ‘important.’ This Is oh so not true. Some of the greatest Tweeters are people who have a ton of followers and follow a ton of people.

For example, look at Justin Bieber, he has close to 18 million followers and follows 120 thousand people. He’s following a ton of people. Of course, he’s not following all of his followers, but you get the idea. He understands that you must engage with your audience and let them know that you care about what they have to say. This forms a culture and community of loyalty. By taking the initiative to reach out and follow people, you can meet some great people and build some great relationships.

4. Share Exclusive Content (Only You Share)

One of the greatest benefits of being a part of a social network is staying up to date on all of the current events and updates. By providing your audience with information that is relevant and popular, you give yourself and your brand a distinct advantage.

Studies done by Dan Zarrella show that having 60-80% of your tweets contain content, maximizes your click-through rates (CTR’s). In this percentage of tweets that does link to content, try to share great information that people can only find from you. Now, of course, other people will share some of the same information as you, but you should be a great hub of information that no one but you could provide. And there you have it! By embracing these 4 habits, you will be well on your way to becoming an effective tweeter!

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