Hard Reset Huawei Nova 2 – Get Recovery Mode Huawei Nova 2


Hard reset made us completely Smartphone users. Hard reset very important for us of all big problems. Some problem we know the solution and some problem we don’t know the solution. Hard reset is one best solution for all big problems. So now, I going to show you some big and common problem with Huawei nova 2 Android smartphone. Sometimes we forget the smartphone password totally.

This is one of the biggest problems for us. One more problem is always virus attacked our Smartphone even sometimes virus corrupt our file and this virus not removable of your Smartphone. So for such situation, the hard reset helps us to remove this virus on our Smartphone as well as your Huawei nova 2 smartphone would be unlocked easily.

Hard Reset Huawei Nova 2

On the previous paragraph, I try to show about the hard reset now my new goal is how to hard reset Huawei nova 2. Huawei Nova 2 is a new creation of Huawei smartphone. Huawei has been always created so many great Android Smartphone and all Smartphone best for all time. In this Huawei Nova 2 smartphone have so awesome power. There have supported 12 mega picture camera with 4GB RAM. It’s always great. However, there has supported 2950 mAh battery. So now the time is perfect for you to know how to hard reset Huawei nova 2 Android smartphone easily.

Hard Reset Huawei Nova 2
Hard Reset Huawei Nova 2

The requirement of Hard Reset Huawei Nova 2

  1. Keep the battery charge up 30% to 70% (How recommended?)
  2. Is the smartphone has suitable for hard reset? (compare the problems also following on the above information)
  3. Take a strong and original USB cable (Require for transfer data)

First way Hard Reset Huawei Nova 2

  1. Confirm that your smartphone power is off, if not then turn off using the power button.
  2. Tap the power button as well as Volume Plus (Power and Volume+)
  3. Don’t remove your finger before appearing the Android recovery image
  4. After appearing, remove your finger from these button at all.
  5. Use Volume + and Volume – button to select and power for confirming or reboot your Huawei Nova 2
Hard Reset Huawei Nova 2
Hard Reset Huawei Nova 2
  1. Now select wipe data/factory reset option successfully from various option
  2. After the complete the option then you will see the reboot
  3. Select the reboot option and confirm the option.
  4. After few second, the Huawei Nova 2 hard reset would finish successfully.

Okay, we had finished the first steps of hard reset the Huawei Nova 2 Android smartphone successfully. Now, you should setup and setting the smartphone to open clearly. If you will not setup successfully, the problems will not be solved. So try to setting the smartphone mindfully also after finishing the hard reset first process.

Second-way Factory Reset Huawei Nova 2

  1. Make sure that your Huawei Nova 2 smartphone power is on
  2. Go to the Apps option and from this option now setting option.
  3. From the setting option, you have to select the Factory Data Reset
  4. If you need to backup something, you can backup (Ways to backup important data)
  5. Now select the reset phone
  6. Erase everything from the Huawei Nova 2 android smartphone.
  7. As well as the second way has been finished.
  8. Now, setup your Huawei Nova 2 after finishing the second way.

Get extra information for your Huawei Nova 2 Android smartphone so that you can make root or setup wifi hotspot with the smartphone easily. In the below, you already have seen the link.