Hard Reset LG V30 – How to Reset My LG Phone


The page is about the hard reset LG v30 Android smartphone. You can hard reset the smartphone easily. But nowadays, after making a hard reset the user have to face FRP lock problems. Even for that, you would be needed to know the email ID and password that
you entered on your Google play store account. After FRP lock if you try to unlock and you have put your google play store ID and password successfully but the process will not work clearly. Until removing the FRP, this problem will show you repeatedly.

Hard Reset LG V30
Hard Reset LG V30

Hard Reset LG V30

However, a hard reset is a general process even that will work for your Android smartphone to keep clean always. So before hard reset, you can remove the Google account from your LG V30 play store section. So that you wouldn’t face the FRP lock problems with your LG V30 Android smartphone. Now go ahead to know how to hard reset LG V30 successfully.

Requirements of Reset LG V30

  1. Need an active LG V30 android smartphone
  2. Smartphone battery charge up 50% to 60% (how recommended?)
  3. Create any platform as yourself to backup data (optional)
  4. After hard reset, you have to setup LG V30 successfully

LG V30 Hard Reset Step 1

  • Make sure that the LG V30 smartphone power is off
  • Go to the LG V30 Android recovery mode using this below option
  • Easy to get recovery mode so tap the power button and the volume down (-) button
  • Now you have to release all key if the recovery option has appeared
  • There have some option, you have to select option recovery (Volume down (-) for select and power button for confirm)
  • Now, you will see wipe data/factory reset as well as select it
  • Now, selects yes–delete all user data of LG V30
Hard Reset LG V30
Hard Reset LG V30
  • Now, select reboot systems of LG V30
  • After few second the hard reset will be successful
  • After completed the hard reset, you have to be setting the smartphone nicely

LG V30 Factory Data Reset Steps 2

  • Make sure that your LG V30 smartphone power is on
  • Go to the Apps option and from this option now setting option
  • From the setting option, you have to select the Backup & reset option
  • Again select Factory data reset option
  • If you need to backup something, you can backup (Ways to backup important data)
  • Now select the reset phone option
  • Select Erase everything from the LG V30 Android smartphone
  • As well as the second way has been finished
  • Now, setup your LG V30 after finishing the second way

There has multiple information for the LG V30 Android smartphone so that you can solve the problems easily. First info is making Root for LG V30 and the second info how to use wireless wifi internet on your LG V30 Android smartphone.