Hard Reset OnePlus 5 – Pattern, PIN, Password Lock Solution OnePlus 5


The steps for you to get proper idea about hard reset OnePlus 5 new Android smartphones. The intro part of the smartphone is here. We know that OnePlus is one of the best usable and popular Android smartphones in Europe countries. I hope the users of this Android smartphone looks like a clear identified user. Because of, the OnePlus setting or others option is perfect to understand clearly.

The smartphone has been available in the market recently. But the popularity of OnePlus 5 has been increased hugely. However, here I not recommended you to buy such an Android smartphone. I am just to solve problems of your OnePlus 5 Android smartphones.

Hard Reset OnePlus 5

I have three parts for the OnePlus 5 smartphones. In here, you will know how to solve wifi hotspot problems of this smartphone, how to root this OnePlus smartphone and how to hard reset this Oneplus 5 smartphone successfully. Everything would be required if you want to use the smartphone nicely. Okay, come to the point that we need hard reset method right know. Before going ahead, just mind what kinds of problems you are facing now. If it’s related with the smartphone look, hanging, mobile ownership transfer, unlock and setting restore problems, you can make a hard reset for this OnePlus 5 smartphone.

Hard Reset OnePlus 5
Hard Reset OnePlus 5

There has another name that called by factory data reset. Actually, we will show you between kinds of hard reset methods for this OnePlus Android smartphone. So go ahead and try to make hard reset or factory reset with your OnePlus 4 Android smartphone.

The requirement of Hard Reset OnePlus 5

  1. Keep the battery charge up 30% to 70% (How recommended?)
  2. Is the smartphone has suitable for hard reset? (compare the problems also following on the above information)
  3. Take a strong and original USB cable (Require for transfer data)

First way Hard Reset OnePlus 5

  1. Make sure that you have Turn Off the systems successfully.
  2. Tap the power button as well as Volume – (Power and Volume-)
  3. Don’t remove your finger before appearing the OnePlus Icon Image
  4. At the time of appearing the Oneplus Icon, you have to remove the whole finger at all.
  5. Use Volume + and Volume – button to select and power for confirming or reboot your OnePlus 5
Hard Reset OnePlus 5.
Hard Reset OnePlus 5.
  1. Now select wipe data/factory reset option successfully from various option
  2. After complete the option then you will see a Reboot Systems
  3. Select the reboot option and confirm the option.
  4. After a few seconds, the OnePlus 5 OnePlus 5 hard reset would be finished successfully.

Second-way Factory Reset OnePlus 5

  1. Make sure that your OnePlus 5 smartphone power is on
  2. Go to the Apps option and from this option now setting option.
  3. From the setting option, you have to select the Backup & Reset
  4. Tap on the Factory Data Reset Option
  5. If you need to backup something, you can backup (Ways to backup important data)
  6. Now select the reset phone
  7. Erase everything from the OnePlus 5
  8. As well as the second way has been finished.
  9. Now, setup your OnePlus 5 after finishing the second way.

You can also follow the advance information to keep your OnePlus 5 smartphone health. Here, the information is about OnePlus 5 root, OnePlus 5 wifi hotspot setup.