Hard Reset Xiaomi Mi 6 – Unlock PIN, Pattern, Password


The page about how to hard reset Xiaomi Mi 6 Android smartphone. Everyone knows about the Android Smartphone but everyone doesn’t know xiaomi 6’s new creation. Xiaomi always has been created so many android Smartphone. All the smartphone is the best for rank in the market place.  However, now we need to know xiaomi’s new creation. The Xiaomi mi 6 is better than old creation.

Xiaomi mi 6 have unlimited privileges this phone camera, ram, internal storage, battery, display, network etc. Now going to know every part of this xiaomi mi 6 this Smartphone has 12 mega picture camera full clear HD, 6 GB ram it is faster than all the Smartphone and 3350 mAh supercharge etc. So we know about the xiaomi mi 6 now we need to know hard reset xiaomi mi 6.

Hard Reset Xiaomi Mi 6
Hard Reset Xiaomi Mi 6

Hard Reset Xiaomi Mi 6

Hard reset always helping us to solve our various problems just like that people forget her android Smartphone’s password and pattern lock, sometimes our Smartphone wouldn’t work so faster as well as hanging all time and attacked a very dangerous virus those various are not deleting in any case and various problem. So you need to use the hard reset as a result, you can avoid all these problems easily. All android Smartphone hard reset are not same. It’s may difference for the difference android smartphone. Here, you can follow the Xiaomi mi 6 this phone hard reset just for resetting this android smartphone. So now we need to know how to hard reset xiaomi mi 6.

The requirement of Reset Xiaomi Mi 6

  1. An active Xiaomi android smartphone
  2. Smartphone battery charge up 40% to 50% (how recommended?)
  3. Create any platform as yourself to backup data (optional)

Hard Reset Xiaomi Mi 6

  • Take a xiaomi Mi 6 android smartphone
  • Make sure that the smartphone power is off
  • Now, you have to appear recovery mode of your xiaomi Mi 6
  • To get recovery mode, press power button and volume down (-) button
  • After appearing android recovery option then release all key
  • There have some option, you have to select option recovery (Volume down for select and volume + for confirm)
  • Now, you will see <wipe data/factory reset> as well as select it
  • Now, selects <yes…delete all user data> of xiaomi Mi 6
  • Now, select reboot systems of xiaomi Mi 6
  • After few second the hard reset will be successful
  • After completing the hard reset, you have to be setting the smartphone nicely
  • Don’t forget to use the correct button to do the work truly.

Second-way Factory Reset Xiaomi Mi 6

  • Make sure that your Xiaomi Mi 6 smartphone power is on
  • Go to the Apps option and from this option now setting option
  • From the setting option, you have to select the Factory Data Reset
  • If you need to backup something, you can backup (Ways to backup important data)
  • Now select the reset phone option
  • Erase everything from the Xiaomi Mi 6 Android smartphone
  • As well as the second way has been finished
  • Now, setup your Xiaomi Mi 6 after finishing the second way
  • After all, you had been success to solve the xiaomi Mi 6 smartphone problems

If you have more problems with the xiaomi Mi 6 Android smartphone then you can know us via email or using comment option. We would be strong for the answer to your question. So know us what your opinion is? Thanks for reading whole article successfully.