How to Hard Reset Xiaomi Redmi 4a & Pattern Unlock, Gmail Unlock


The page is about hard reset xiaomi redmi 4a. At the beginning, you have to determine what your smartphone problems are. After detected the problems then evolution with our program. If your problems are related to our service then go ahead as like yourself. Hard reset is the best way to keep the android smartphone safely. Basically, if any user of Android smartphone forgets their smartphone password, pattern, PIN number then hard reset or factory reset will be a helpful process. On the other hand, if you want to sell your smartphone then you have to hard reset or factory reset the smartphone so that you can remove your previous data from the device otherwise, your information will be hacked. If you want to keep safe your important data then you can use the backup systems.

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Hard Reset Xiaomi Redmi 4a

We going to hard reset xiaomi redmi 4a. The smartphone is new of Xiaomi Android smartphone. If you already face the pattern lock problems, password problems, smartphone hanging problems with this Xiaomi Redmi 4a then follow the instruction successfully as a result, you would be able to make hard reset after all, you will release from these problems shortly. Hard reset will remove previous smartphone apps case, smartphone virus and would be increased smartphone speed better than before. So make hard reset and setting your smartphone again to use in one hand.

Hard Reset Xiaomi Redmi 4a
Hard Reset Xiaomi Redmi 4a

Two ways for reset Xiaomi Android smartphone

Requirement of Reset Xiaomi Redmi 4A

  1. An active Xiaomi Android smartphone
  2. Smartphone battery charge up 40% to 50% (how recommended?)
  3. Create any platform as yourself to backup data (optional)

Hard Reset Xiaomi Redmi 4a

  • Take a xiaomi redmi 4a Android smartphone
  • Make sure that the smartphone power is off
  • Now, you have to appear recovery mode of your xiaomi redmi 4a
  • To get recovery mode, press power button and volume down (-) button
  • After appearing android recovery option then release all key
  • There have some option, you have to select option recovery (Volume down for select and volume + for confirm)
  • Now, you will see <wipe data/factory reset> as well as select it
  • Now, selects <yes…delete all user data> of xiaomi redmi 4a
  • Now, select reboot systems of xiaomi redmi 4a
  • After few second the hard reset will be successful
  • After completing the hard reset, you have to be setting the smartphone nicely
  • Don’t forget to use the correct button to do the work truly.

Second way Factory Reset Xiaomi Redmi 4a

  • Make sure that your Xiaomi Redmi 4a smartphone power is on
  • Go to the Apps option and from this option now setting option
  • From the setting option, you have to select the Factory Data Reset
  • If you need to backup something, you can backup (Ways to backup important data)
  • Now select the reset phone option
  • Erase everything from the Xiaomi Redmi 4a Android smartphone
  • As well as the second way has been finished
  • Now, setup your Xiaomi Redmi 4a after finishing the second way
  • After all, you had been success to solve the xiaomi redmi 4a smartphone problems

If you have more problems with the xiaomi redmi 4a android smartphone then you can know us via email or use comment option. We would be strong for the answer to your question. So know us what your opinion is? Thanks for reading whole article successfully.

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