Helium 10: The Amazon Tool That Par Excellence


For several months, I used the Helium 10 Tools, and I recommend it because it is simply the best package for any Amazon Seller out there!

I also used other Amazon Selling Tools like Jungle Scout, Viral Launch, but I found Helium 10 as one of the best.

Helium 10 The Amazon Tool

During my tests, I analyzed 3 factors.

  1. User Friendliness
  2. Functionalities
  3. The reliability of the data

These 3 factors make it possible to compare the different Amazon tools. So here is my review based on these 3 factors.

1. The Helium 10 Tools and Features

Helium 10 software is one of the most powerful I’ve had the chance to test. This Amazon tool is composed of several powerful tools.

2. Black Box

The first tool is called “Black Box,” and it allows you to find ideas on product niche selection through filters like:

  • Categories of products
  • Monthly income
  • Price
  • Number of Reviews

3. Trendster

“Trendster” tracks trends by specifying specific keywords, making it possible to follow the fluctuations of the prices as well as the BSR for every selected ASIN. This option allows you to analyze the potential of any niche or product based on the sales made in recent weeks or months.

4. Magnet

Magnet allows you to find additional keywords to feed the long-tail keywords for your ads. In addition, the major advantage of this tool is that it will enable you to decide whether an exact or broader keyword is perfect for advertising campaigns!

5. Cerebro

This tool is a “reverse Asin” to retrieve the keywords of an ad on Amazon. Thus, you will be able to obtain the powerful keywords of any advertisement!

6. Frankenstein

This tool will help you to manage your keywords to remove duplicates, change the order of words. Thus,

7. Scribbles:

Helium 10 will always surprise by updating its platform with tools that you have never seen in other Amazon tools packages. Scribbles is one of these surprising tools, and it serves as a listing optimizer to help you create a great ad.

8. Index Checker:

This option indicates whether your keywords are indexed to Amazon. Thus, you can check if the keywords will be visible during the search by the users.

9. Keyword Tracker:

Follow the progress of your keywords for each selected ASIN.

10. Inventory protector:

This option is essential for the use of promo codes to limit the use and protect the stock.

11. Refund Genie:

It allows you to analyze how much money you can get reimbursement from Amazon because of damage and/or losses in FBA warehouses!

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The reliability of Helium10 data

Thus, it is the best tool with many functions. But the question is whether the information is reliable?

The answer is yes! The collected data is reliable

I compared the stats with other tools like Viral Launch, Jungle Scout, and Egrow. Results by Helium 10 were the most accurate.

Helium 10 chrome extension

The Helium 10 is also available as the Chrome extension. This feature allows you to have tracking information directly on the Amazon Marketplace. You will be able to find the Amazon FBA fees and a margin calculator. However, I personally used much more Helium 10 through its web application as compared to the chrome extension version.

How to subscribe to Helium 10?

Also, to help you register for helium10, here is the complete process to get a 10% lifetime discount.

Step 1: Join the Helium 10 page

Step 2: Sign up

Step 3: Log in using the user id and password you received from the previous step

Step 4: Click on “plan details.”

Step 5: Choose your plan

Step 6: Verify the option of your subscription

Step 7: Pay the amount online

 Helium 10 vs. Jungle Scout

Apart from helium 10, there are a lot of tools, including Jungle Scout. JS is a very good tool for finding product ideas and suitable for beginners. However, I find that these features are too limited for an Amazon FBA seller.

Helium 10 vs. Viral Launch 

Both Helium 10 and Viral Launch are powerful tools that support you in product and niche research, listing optimization, keyword research, and the like. However, to avoid the possible risks, I recommend you to use Helium 10. The offered plans, tools, and features under Helium 10 packages are pretty cheap, and you can select each with the flexibility of the A la Carte Plan that allows you to pay individually for each tool you want. Check this Review about Helium 10 vs. Viral launch and find what will go best for you, your product, and your potential customers.

Conclusion of My Review on Amazon FBA Helium 10 Tools

In my opinion, this Amazon FBA tool is the most comprehensive at the moment. I strongly advise you to take this tool, Amazon.