Hot Tips to Get Your Electronic Cigarette through Airport Security


If you are someone who just switched from smoking cigarettes to vaping then there are a few things that you will have to face in the beginning. Most importantly, if you are someone who has to travel on and off on flights for business meetings or pleasure purposes then yes, carrying your e-cigarette and your e-liquids can be a daunting task because you will have to worry about the nerve cracking security check for that.  Now, people who just started vaping can have several questions popping up in their mind like can they pass their e-cigarette through the airport security check and what exact amount of e-liquid can they carry with themselves etc.

Electronic Cigarette

Electronic Cigarette
Electronic Cigarette

Now if you are also one of those people worried about the security check and your vapes then you are at the right place, reading the right article. Today we are going to tell you everything you need to know about air travel and e-cigarettes. So, take notes of what we are about to tell you because this article can actually be very useful for your in the long run.

1 E-cigarettes and Vape Pen etc are Allowed on in Hand Carry Bags

You are not supposed to put your devices in the checked bags instead you can take your vaping devices with you in your hand carry bags that are checked at the entry gate of the airport when you are about to get on board. The one thing that you need to be careful of is that your vaping device and the battery etc everything should be removed and kept separately when you are taking a flight.

2 Is Vaping Allowed on Airports?

It actually depends on the airports whether they allow you to vape or not. There are some airports where you there is a proper separate area for those passengers who need to smoke and then there are some airports that are totally restricted when it comes to vapes and cigarettes etc.

3 Can You Use the e-cigarette While You are on the Flight?

It’s an undeniable fact that vaping becomes irresistible especially if you’ve bought the e-juices from places like but if you want to vape on the flight that unfortunately that is not allowed in any case. You can carry your vaping device and the e-juice in your hand carry bag but you are not allowed to smoke or vape on the flight because there are other passengers with you who can be allergic to the smoke of the vape. Some people even have asthma and the smoke can actually make it difficult for them to breathe properly while they are on the plane.

4 The Amount of e-liquid Allowed on Airport

You can definitely carry your e-juice with you because vaping devices are also allowed but the only thing you need to be careful of is the amount of the juice you are taking with you. You are just allowed to carry the liquid that is less than 3.4 oz and it should also comply with the TSA liquid regulations. Also, don’t bring more than 100ml of e-liquid with you in your carry on bags or else the airport security will take it from you and you won’t be able to travel with that liquid if it exceeds the allowed amount.

These are a few musts to know things about vaping devices and liquids for those who have to travel on and off. So, make sure to carry everything with you as per the above-mentioned tips and you won’t be facing any problem at all.