How Bodybuilders Can Follow Their Diet While Travelling

Are you a fitness freak laboring day and night to achieve your body goals? Is the constant travel hindering you from achieving it? For the days when you are on the move, keeping your diet in check can do the trick. The key to a salubrious and muscular body is a regular balanced diet and hardcore physical effort, working hand in hand. So, when your schedule is all about traveling and it is adversely impacting your muscular growth, we’ve got you covered for how you can stay on track by following a strict diet.

How Bodybuilders Can Follow Their Diet


Superfoods are nothing but the food items that carry an exceptional nutritional value. They provide antioxidants, vitamins, calcium, and healthy fats. The best part about these special food items is that you can easily find them anywhere that you’re jet setting around the globe, that too at low prices. Staying hungry for long can take a toll on your health, so when you are busy running between meetings and deadlines, taking small quantities of superfood can charge you up. A study conducted by the University of Pennsylvania suggests that feeding your body small amounts at regular intervals leads to accelerated metabolism and better burning in comparison to throwing in larger quantities at longer time gaps.

Pro tip: Be sure to maintain adequate but not too long gaps between snacks or meals. Keep bananas, sweet potatoes, dry nuts, or milk to keep you energized throughout the day. Make sure to eat either proteins or carbohydrates an hour before your training and a sufficient wholemeal 30 minutes post-workout.


It could be difficult finding the right type of food when you are in a rush, be it catching flights or trains, or attending long work meetings. Regardless, it is important to avoid aerated drinks and oily junk food; instead, pick foods that are high in proteins and healthy carbohydrates. It is also very important as a muscle builder to make proteins a priority since it is a major building block for your muscles, and consuming it post-workout eases the muscle recovery, making the training the next day a lot easier.

Pro tip: Locate and map out local eateries that provide healthy, nutritious, and non-oily food before you arrive so you know where to rush to when you’re hungry. Also eating dishes like non-oily beef would be a good idea, but be sure to read and check the nutritional facts before purchasing since often they are loaded with carbohydrates only to give out a softer texture.


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Are you out on a business trip?  Will it include frequent trips to the bar as well? Well, we all know that business and alcohol mostly go together, but what you might not know is the harm it can do your months of hard work. Consuming alcohol even for 2-3 days will immediately slow down your metabolism and will also bloat your stomach and make you lousier. Alcohol is clinically considered detrimental precisely to bodybuilders, for obvious reasons like interference with recovery, protein synthesis, hydration or even motivation. Instead, be sure to consume healthy fluids at regular intervals

Pro tip: Apart from keeping a tab on your drinking limits, ensure the utmost hydration at all times. Dehydration after drinking is the main reason for muscle cramps after or during workouts. Hydration provides regulated body temperature and heart rate. So keep yourself hydrated throughout the journey and even during your trips to the bar. Keep a water bottle along with you and make sure that you drink 3 liters of water in a day.


Since traveling can tire you, you might end up feeling jet lagged and lack motivation. A solution to this is to carry medically safe and prescribed supplements that will keep you driven. With the right supplements, you will always have the energy to carry out not just regular tasks but also focus on your workout.

Pro tip: Some of the healthiest and safest ones happen to be Whey protein powder, fish oil capsules, high protein meal replacement bars, and multi-vitamin or mineral supplements. Make sure to drink enough water if and when you are consuming these since they might make you sweat or dehydrate the body. However, before purchasing or consuming any of these, be sure to consult a doctor or a professional body trainer to find suitable supplements for your body type.



Intermittent fasting is an elaborate eating pattern where you cycle between periods of eating and fasting. This phenomenon doesn’t say about which foods to eat, but rather when you should eat them. It includes eating a large king-size meal first and then not eating for approximately 16-18 hours after that. Intermittent fasting not only focuses on shedding off excess fat but majorly speeds up the metabolism rate. It will help you burn more calories and keep you energized to carry out your daily activities. The best part about the phenomenon of IF is that it lets you make your own food choices and allows you to eat whatever you wish to, just by binding specific eating hours.

Pro tip: Try out all the different types of cuisines when traveling by following IF which won’t restrict your diet, but won’t affect your weight or metabolism either.

Final Thoughts

Well, it is right when people say you are what you eat. While regular and strict workout schedules can make or break your muscles, you just cannot ignore the food you eat. Keeping a check on your diet will not only help you enjoy your vacations more but also give you the energy to catch up on the lost workouts. Apart from hitting the gym- be it at the airport or hotel, you can keep your body healthy with the right food. And when you feel that traveling is getting the good of you, you might want to try Dianabol, to keep your muscles in good shape.