How Business Coaching Can Help You 10X

As well as being a hugely successful business coach and mentor, Peter Szabo is a world-renowned and highly respected advertising guru, business entrepreneur, and investor. Who, by the age of 18, had already created a highly successful digital marketing agency and was responsible for millions of dollars in social media advertising spend.

Business Coaching

How Business Coaching Can Help You 10X

Today aged just 22, he continues to dominate the world of social media advertising and is responsible for creating the largest Facebook advertising agency in Central and Eastern Europe. Over the last decade, Peter Szabo has helped over 400+ global businesses – from startup to 9 figure corporations generate tens of millions of dollars online, and over 2000+ everyday people build a life they love by rewriting their past and upgrading their “self-image”.

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1. Reach your goals and dreams

As a  Peter Szabo business coach, they work hard to help his clients reach their goals and dreams. Whether working with small business start up’s, a 9 figure multi-national corporation or an entrepreneur, his vision and focus remain constant – help to improve and achieve.

As a business coach, one of his first roles is to help clients identify and look past their goals – instead of settling for just an increase of 2 or 3 times their potential, he helps them identify goals that are 10- times greater than where they are now.

Imagine working with a client who is seeking ways to reach their goal of doubling their sales, then why not help them modify their aspirations and seek sales that are ten times higher than their present level? Out of reach – not according to business coaches like Peter Szabo.

By creating an innovative, tailor-made accelerated impact program, a good business coach can give their clients a powerful business tool that enables them to aim for a 10x bigger (or better) future while determining how best to get there, and strategies about what’s most pressing in their business, and ensure that everything around them starts to get simpler as their center and mindset becomes far more precise.

2. Why Growing 10x is easier than growing 2x

The reason why so many entrepreneurs, including Peter Szabo, believe that with the right business coaching and mentoring, it is easier to achieve 10-times progress and growth than 2 times growth, is because once you fix your brain, and seriously commit to 10 times growth strategy, either personally, or in business, your whole thought process and entire outlook on life begin to change.

Once you are fully committed to a 10-times progress or growth mindset, your thinking, innovation, decision making, communication, and action immediately start to visualize and engage with what a future 10x result might achieve.

Then once you’ve locked this thinking into your brain, not only are you intellectually committed to taking the necessary actions that will deliver the desired results you’re also emotionally committed. So your whole way of engaging and communicating starts to change as your brain begins to become a filter.

Drawing on this philosophy, not only helps business owners, leaders and managers maximize their potential it also elevates their goals and helps to give them the confidence they need to effectively get their business to deliver better results, to be a more precise focused operation that is determined to dominate their market, and increase their overall presence.

3. Identifying your goals

Having a 10x mindset allows you to create a different way of operating in the world, and here are 4- summaries as to why your business coach should set you and your business those incredibly higher goals:

  • Setting higher goals motivates you to greater heights.
  • Setting higher goals encourages those around you (your employees or team members) to perform better
  • Setting higher goals boosts brainstorming, creativity, and elevating thinking.
  • Setting higher goals raises your performance to a new level of expectation and lets you take your business and life to all-new levels.

4. Challenge yourself

Adopting a 10x strategy means you are challenging yourself to step up your game and pursue higher levels of success. Thinking 10x above the rest of the competition means that even if you fail to get to your 10-times goal, you may still beat the competition and their paltry goals!