How Can I Protect My Phone from Damage?


Communication in this digital era is getting easier for people all over the world and at the same time, new gadgets are making things easier every passing time. Leading the race is, of course, the latest Smartphone on the block. We must admit the fact that Smartphones have now become one of the essential gadgets in many people’s professional and personal lives.  These portable devices can do wonders as we wander all over the world with it.

This important and pricy device needs protection so that we can use it longer and with ease. Because slight mishandling can sometimes cause big damage to this expensive device, plus you may face the risk of losing data and you have to spend another huge amount of money to replace it.

Protect My Phone from Damage

So, it is a good idea to take a few precautions.

These are the few steps that everyone should follow to protect their Smartphones from getting damaged easily.

Use a Case

First thing first, you need to give your small, portable device proper support and that comes with the cover. Interestingly, the small size of your Smartphone acts both as a boon and curse. Let’s explain a bit- The size of your Smartphone is such that it can easily slips into your pocket and at the same time the chances are high that can easily slips out of it and hit hard on the floor or the road. Moreover, finding a perfect spot on your desk to place the phone is not a problem, but you can easily knock it off while doing other work.

All these means, arranging perfect Smartphone case can help protect your Smartphone from all types of accidents mentioned above.  In the market and in online also you will find there are many different types of cases that provide different levels of protection to match your specific needs. Let’s explain it a bit – bumper cases protect both the sides, which wither most of the impacts during your daily phone handling. On the other hand, full case encloses the entire phone and often includes a screen protector. There are cases that you can get which have built-in batteries that provide additional power for when your Smartphone’s built-in battery losses all its steam.

Screen Protector

Once you’re able to protect the body of your Smartphone then come to the turn to protect your Smartphone’s screen. All modern Smartphones in general, include scratch and impact-resistant screens made from Gorilla Glass or something similar. But one must remember that they also have some limit as these screens are not indestructible. So, it’s always better for you that seriously consider getting a screen protector. That way, if your keys scratch your smartphone’s screen when the phone is in your pocket or handbag, you can simply get a new protector.

Remember, it’s much easier and cheaper to replace the screen protector than to change phone’s built-in screen or the entire phone itself. Bulk tempered glass Screen Protector these days coming up with different products. We would also ask you to consider various offers from wholesale tempered glass screen protector manufacturers especially from China who are offering a wide range of screen protectors to the consumers all over the world.  One must consider few things while buying a screen protector such as –

Anti-scratch Property & Durability – A well-tempered glass screen protector can withstand scratches from blades, scissors, keys, and other hard, sharp objects.

Smooth touch feeling – Good quality gives you a delicate smooth feeling

Perfect Size that fits – 3D Curved Full Cover Tempered Glass screen protector has the ability to give your phone a full coverage as it fits well.

Anti-fingerprint and oil – if the quality is good then you rarely find marks of your fingerprints all over the screen and no sign of oil too may come from different sources of your body or other things.

 Shatter-proof – good quality tempered glass screen protector prevent it from shattering

9H Hardness – is a really tough and hard carbon quality of that pencil

One should always go for 0.33mm 2.5D Double Strength Tempered Glass.

Always Keep Your Smartphone Dry

These days, Smartphone manufacturers are increasingly offering water-resistant products from their kitty and people love that fact. But you should remember that these phones are not completely waterproof, they can handle drizzle or a sudden dive into a puddle.

Despite of this fact that today’s latest Smartphones are water-resistant, it’s always advisable to take proper measures to keep it dry and not giving any chance to it to get wet.  So, keeping it inside your briefcase or handbag or backpack’s and waste-pouches waterproof pocket can be enough to keep your Smartphone dry, especially when you are walking in the rain or snow. Another better option is to buy a water-resistant or waterproof case.

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Keeping Safe Distance from Extreme Temperatures

Just remember your Smartphone is a delicate electronic device not the inner wall of the hot oven. So, if you don’t keep your Smartphone away from extremely hot or cold temperatures it can damage your Smartphone really badly. Exposure to excessive heat or extreme cold for a longer period of time can hurt the battery and the device’s internal components, potentially leading to data loss, shortened battery life, or you have to replace the phone with a new one. Extreme cold also causes some of the smartphone’s parts to become stiffer, leaving the device more susceptible to damage from impact.

You can always shun damage caused by extreme temperatures with common the use of common sense. For example, on a very hot day don’t leave your Smartphone sitting in the sun unattended for a long time. Similarly, if it is a freezing cold day, do not leave it in your car or even an outer pocket of your coat or jacket. Instead, put it in an inside pocket so that your body heat can keep it warm.

If your phone does get exposed to extreme heat or cold, try to bring it inside as soon as possible and gradually let your phone return to room temperature. Remember, if the device is going from hot to cold too quickly then it can cause condense, means higher chances of getting your product damage will become high.