How can Muay Thai for Fitness Improve Your Health

If you are not that familiar with Muay Thai, it started in Thailand as a technique for protection against attacks from neighboring countries. With peaceful years, Muay Thai has developed into a combat sport, with fast and plastic movements the technique was very entertaining to watch. It is still a popular form of art and combat sport but it is even more, training Muay Thai can be so intense to the body, that it has reached great popularity as weight loss and conditioning activity that attracts thousands of people to Thailand each year.

As you may already know, cardiovascular activity burns the most calories as it speeds up your heart rate, that´s basically one of the most efficient ways of burning fat. Between martial arts, there are not many that can be compared to Muay Thai in terms of cardio workout, since this martial art moves the whole body and has great conditioning drills, your cardio will never be the same with Muay Thai.

Muay Thai for Fitness Improve Your Health

Muay Thai for fitness improve your Health

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The constant motion at fast pace, several rounds of kicking, punching, and conditioning drills are guaranteed to contribute to weight loss and elevate your heart rate.

For fitness goals, the well-know High-Intensity-Interval-Training (HIIT) is present in Muay Thai, the classes are very dynamic HIIT workouts. Training Muay Thai can be the first step to take care of your health, the classes usually start with cardio drills that combine upper body strikes with kicking, ab exercises, jumping ropes, and even light fight simulations – and that´s just the beginning of each class!  Muay Thai can improve your fitness in a short time.

Muay Thai sparring/training sessions are usually done in rounds, with a duration of 3 minutes per round and a 1-minute rest in between, which is basically a perfect fat burning interval training workout.

For professional fighters – from amateurs to professionals – a training camp can last for months of preparation for a real fight and the fighter can easily lose over 3 pounds per day of training depending on the pace and level of training.

For most people that practice for health purposes, it usually takes only two weeks to see the initial results. After 14 days students can build the same endurance and power within 130 minutes of practice, that they would get from around 630 minutes of traditional workouts. If you are looking for fast results and a fast-paced exercise, Muay Thai is your way to go!

These days it´s very easy to find amazing training camps for health in Thailand, the country receives many tourists looking to learn a bit more about this ancient form of art and fight while also training their body and mind. Everything comes full circle with Muay Thai, eating healthy can allow you to train better, the training will make you feel in shape and lighter, quicker in no time, treat your body like a temple and your mind will respond to it. A trip to Thailand with SuWit Muay Thai for beginner is already something magical for anyone, put this together with an intense Muay Thai original training camp to get in shape and you will have a wonderful memory for life!