How Do You Activate a Verizon Phone by Yourself

Activating a Verizon phone is easier than you thought. Just follow some simple guidelines and you are good to go from there. In this article, we will discuss all activating your Verizon phone and also answer some commonly asked questions by users. So, if you have a Verizon phone that requires quick activation, and you’ve been wondering how do you activate a Verizon phone by yourself, here’s everything you need to know.

Activating an Old Verizon Phone

If you still have an old Verizon phone somewhere, you can still activate it. In this case, the *228 option will still work, and activating your phone will be a breeze. In the following section, we will share our detailed guidelines on activating your old Verizon phone without any added help.

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Step one

As the first step, you need to dial *228 from your phone’s keypad. If this doesn’t seem to work, check if the sim and the towers are showing up. You might even want to restart the phone or remove its parts to check if the sim is inserted the correct way. Once you’re done, press *228 and you will receive a set of instructions on your screen.

Step two

As a second step, you need to add all the information required by Verizon. Like we mentioned already, the moment you dial *228 on your keypad, you will find a new set of instructions that you need to follow. After that, you will receive a prompt to add your mobile number. Enter your mobile number correctly and double-check it to avoid errors.

Next, you need to set the password for the billing account. Make sure the password is strong with alphanumeric and special characters. This way, you know your billing account is safe for sure. Although Verizon is extremely stringent about its password policies, it still makes sense to add a strong password to avoid potential attacks.

Step three

As a third step, you need to follow the required prompts. Make sure the prompts are followed properly and do not miss out on any detail in this stage. Once you follow the required set of prompts, you are good to go. You will soon find your phone activated in a couple of minutes.

To further check if your old Verizon phone is activated, you might want to call someone or send a text. If you followed the previous set of instructions, making the phone call would be simple and following prompts wouldn’t be a hassle either.

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Activating an existing Verizon Account

How Do You Activate a Verizon Phone by Yourself

If you already have a working Verizon account, activating your phone is even easier. As with the previous section, here too, you need to follow some simple steps to activate your phone quickly. Read on, to learn more about the activation process.

Step one

For the first step, you need to make sure that you have an existing account with Verizon. In case you don’t none of the next few steps will apply. That is why, even before activating your phone, check your account and make sure it works. In case you don’t have an account, follow the instructions provided by Verizon to create your account. The next few steps should be simple from there.

Step Two

As a second step, you need to make sure your phone is compatible with the new account. If it is not compatible, you would already get an error. So, if you can sign in to your existing Verizon account through your phone, the likelihood of it being compatible is extremely high.

Step Three

You will now need to authorize your account. If you have already used the existing Verizon account on your new phone, select �Yes’, else select No. If you are setting up the Verizon account on your new phone for the first time, you should select �No’.

After this point, you will need to add the Device ID and click the �Check Device’ option. Once you do this, you will receive a new set of prompts. Complete these prompts to authorize the activation of your new phone.

Step Four

As a fourth step, you will need to make sure the activation is fully authorized. To make the process simple, seamless, and secure, you will receive a unique code from Verizon on your new phone that you are trying to activate. If you haven’t received the activation code yet, tap the � Text me the code’ option on your screen. Over the next two seconds, you are likely to get your new code.

Finally, when you have the code in place, key it in the field for � Online Authorization of Code’ and then tap � Confirm’. This will authorize your device to further authenticate the activation process. To avoid loopholes and errors, Verizon uses this unique code on all new phones. The process is simple and it won’t take much time either.

Step Five

As part of the fifth step, you need to check if your phone already has a sim card. In case you are unsure about the fact and need some extra help to locate the SIM card or the ID of your phone, simply tap the � Find SIM card’ option on your screen. Next, you will need to tap the � SIM ID’ option.

This will immediately populate the screen with your sim card ID, leaving you out of any unnecessary hassle. In case you are looking to get a new free sim card with free service from Verizon, you can choose any preferred sim from their available options and then select the option for adding the card to your account cart.

Step Six

As a sixth step, you need to approve all the changes that you had previously performed over the last few minutes. To do this, enter the SIM ID number you have already received and select the � Check ID’ option. After this, you will be redirected to a new page and here you need to tap the � Confirm’ option. The moment you do this, all your changes will be immediately approved and your phone will be activated in minutes.

The entire process is extremely simple and won’t take you more than a few minutes. If you still want to confirm if your sim has been really activated, you might want to call in or send a text to any contact. This way, you know for sure that your device is ready for use.

Verizon activation through telephone

If you are confident about activating your Verizon phone through tele-activation, you might want to follow the below set of instructions. As with the previous steps, this is extremely simple and won’t consume much of your time. Just make sure all the steps are followed sequentially and in order.

  • As a first step, you would need to call Verizon’s activation center. Just dial 877 to get started with it. Regardless of your phone type, enter 877 followed by 807-4646. This will lead you to a new set of prompts that you will learn in the following pointers.
  • Harping on the previous point, you will now get some prompts that need to be followed the right way. Check the prompts and make sure you complete them correctly. If you do things the right way, you will soon have an active wireless service.
  • Now, if you are activating a new phone you will need to dial 1
  • You will now receive another prompt to enter your mobile number. Make sure you enter the correct mobile number with 10 digits.
  • The next prompt will require you to key in the last four digits of your Social security ID. Keep your ID handy before calling them in, to avoid missing out on this step.
  • After this, Verizon Wireless will provide a new set of signals to get your phone activated. Do not be intimidated as this is a standard process.
  • Next, you need to add the sim to the Verizon device. Because the type of sim may vary depending on the device, refer to the user guide that you have probably received when purchasing the device.
  • Add the battery of the device and reinstate the back cover.
  • Now charge your phone. Finally, when your phone has a full charge you can turn it on and start calling and texting people.

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Bottom Line

As you probably guessed from the previous set of comprehensive steps, activating your Verizon phone is simpler than you thought. You don’t need videos or instructional manuals to start this task. Instead, follow our simple instructions and you will be all set with a new device. To further check if your device is operating correctly, just ring it in. You might also want to send text messages to see if that functionality is working.

Either way, the key here is to have a proper Verizon account and just sync it with your new device. Once you do that, half the task of activating your phone is done. Make sure all the details entered in your account are correct and current. Do not miss out on any information and follow the prompts correctly.

The entire process is extremely simple and whether it’s an old phone or a new phone, it won’t take you more than a few minutes to set the entire thing up.