How Do You Choose The Right Transportation Service?

Prom night can be a lot of fun, but half of it is just showing up in an eye-catching limo! Unfortunately, picking the wrong company can turn what should be a night of fun into a total disaster. Let your teen’s big night go right by choosing the perfect prom transportation service!

Consider The Party Size

Before you start shopping around for possible Transportation Service limos, you need to get an exact head count of how many passengers are going to be riding along. If your teen hopes to go to the prom with a number of friends, come up with a list of all those who are riding along. That number can help you pick out the type of limo you’re going to rent out.

Transportation Service
Transportation Service

Keep in mind that most every limo, including a party bus, is going to have a maximum passenger limit that has to be honored in order for safe conditions to be maintained throughout the course of the ride. As a matter of fact, professional chauffeurs won’t let the vehicle go anywhere unless there are fewer passengers than the vehicle’s states limit. Even when your teen’s party natural has fewer passengers than the state limit, you can still give the chauffeur a copy of the known passenger list and ask them that no other passengers be let into the vehicle until after things are over.

Do An Advance Inspection Of The Vehicle

Once you know who is going to be going in the limo, then it’s time to start shopping for a great prom Transportation Service. You can certainly start your hunt by looking over the websites of some of the limo companies in your area. On the other hand, their online images might not offer you an honest picture of the specific limo that you’re going to rent. You should see the limo for yourself in person in order to check it out for condition, amenities, and if your teen will like it.

Inspection Of The Vehicle
Inspection Of The Vehicle

As you look over the available fleet, note any concern areas, and make sure that you mention them to the provider immediately. Regardless of how busy a company is, you never need to feel pressured into accepting a prom Transportation Service that’s not up to your standards. You can just keep shopping around until you find just the right limo.

Investigate The Service Record Of The Business

Even when you find a great limo that has all the luxury your teen could dream of, you also need to find a reputable chauffeur that handles the transportation that night. Ask the business about their customer service record, and look over online reviews to confirm what they say.

Make sure you inquire about chauffeurs with training in handling disagreeable or rowdy passengers. You also need to be sure that the business is properly licensed and insured for operations in your state.

Picking a great prom Transportation Service doesn’t have to be hard. Once you narrow down how many passengers you have, take a good advance look at a possible limo, pick a reputable company, and make sure you have the right chauffeur, then your teen’s night going to and from prom will go great!

Using Online Reviews

Reading online reviews can tell you a lot about a limo company. Look for any company that has numerous testimonials instead of just a few. See what they have to say about the company, particularly in regards to reliability and safety.

Having said that all that, it might be just easier to trust someone you know. Word-of-mouth referrals from anyone that’s bought a similar service can help you learn about their own experiences from who they used.

Kinds Of Available Vehicles

When you hire a car service for a special night, then you probably have some idea what vehicle you want. Be sure you pick a business that has not only the style of Transportation Service that you want but also the color you desire.

Also, check with them about their maintenance routines. Just how often are these vehicles serviced and cleaned?

Your Budget

Cost is one crucial factor as you make your decision. Shop around for estimates from a number of different businesses in order to find the best deal on the services that you need. Don’t fear to ask about discounts, even in popular seasons.

Hiring A Chauffeur

Hiring A Chauffeur
Hiring A Chauffeur

You deserve to have your ride driven by someone experienced and professional. In order to be sure that’s exactly what you get when you ride, ask the prospective businesses about their hiring and training processes. Chauffeurs need to have great driving records with specific training and professional experience in premium customer service. If you get a personal recommendation for a specific chauffeur, ask for him or her!


Is the business you picked ready to cover things if something unpleasant happens? Make sure that the limousine service you pick has the proper commercial auto insurance. Don’t hesitate to ask about seeing the policy and what it covers. It’s good to know in advance. We have extra coverage to provide you the peace of mind that no matter what happens, your needs are going to be cared for.

Something else that is as crucial as insurance is the fact that your limo company needs to also be appropriately licensed. Many companies display their appropriate paperwork visibly in their office.