How Do You Know If You Need a New Roof?


We are so accustomed to a number of things that we might not realize their existence unless something happens to them. Have you ever thought about the roof over your head? Well, none of us do, unless the roof falls over our head or starts leaking. Well, the majority of times, you do not need to replace the entire roof, and just get a couple of parts replaced. Here a few signs of roof damage to look up to, and plan out your roof accordingly.

signs of roof damage
signs of roof damage

Your Roof is More than 25 Years Old!

Well, if you have been living in the same house for more than two decades now, and still haven’t changed the roof, at last, it is high time to bid adieu to your roof and opt for a roof replacement. An asphalt roof can last for 20 to 25 years and NEEDS to be changed sooner or later, despite its good external appearance. A good sign of roof damage is your neighbors replacing theirs.

When to replace Roof?

Once in every 20-25 years, get it checked by a professional, and opt for a new one.

The shingles are curling

Keep an eye on your roof, especially after a hard-hitting wind or a storm. Normally, shingles lie flat on the roof, but by any chance, if you find curled patches, or buckling patches, “roof replacement how often” becomes the case here.

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When to replace Roof?

You might not need a replacement here, get it checked first from a professional, some repairing work may save you quite a load of money. However, this might turn out to be a crucial sign of roof replacement.

Cracked Shingles

Cracked Shingles can be an outcome of wind damage. Unlike curled shingles, you need to have a constant eye on them and get them replaced if needed.

When to replace Roof?

If a particular section of the roof is damaged, then you might think of replacing the particular shingles. However, if the shingles are getting distorted from different locations, you might as well want to change the entire roof.

Flashes of Light Hitting the Eye

The first place to check the leaking of a roof isn’t your home exterior, it’s your attic. Look out through every nook and corner of your eyes, and check the flashes of light coming from the cracks in the loof.

When to replace Roof?

If you can see patches or flashes of light popping down through a number of places in your house, it’s high time you get the roof changed.

Granules in the Gutter

If you have an Asphalt roof, for almost a decade now, and you see a bunch of granules floating in the gutter, this is a clear sign of roof damage. The granules help to keep the asphalt protected from the Sun. Once the granules fall off,  the shingles would start to bake, and the quality of your roof will deteriorate in a couple of months.


When to replace Roof?

If the new and you see the granules falling out, there is nothing much to worry about. However, if it has been more than 5 years, then there are high chances that your roof may have crossed half of its lifespan. Thre is a Roofing Markham that will be beneficial for you.


Shingles covered with Houseplants

The Mosses add up to the beauty of the Shady corner of your yard. However, if you find mosses or algae growing up on your roof, or fungi or traces of mold, there are high chances that the moisture may be trapped in there, which is leading to the destruction of the roof.

When to replace Roof?

To get away with Moses, make use of a stiff brush and clear them off. However,  if it is in an imaginable volume, it’s time you think about replacing it. This is the time to worry about. A sagging roof is a clear sign that there is some structural issue with the roof and needs to be immediately addressed. There might be a problem with the attic, or the foundation supports might be in some damage.

When to replace Roof?

As fast as you can. GET AN EXPERT once you realize the scrutiny of the sagging roof, for the more it progresses, the more difficult it becomes for the expert to work on it.

Missing Shingles

The situation of missing shingles might arise twice: An after storm situation, which demands a thorough analysis of the roof. Shingles getting detached from the roof, falling off easily without much effort, or the inexplicable missing shingles might be a good sign of roof damage and the one that cannot be ignored.


When to replace Roof?

The missing signs are a clear indication to change the roof as soon as possible. The right time would be to look up to the early signs and get your roof replaced.


Leak Test

If you can see the light passing through the cracks of your roof, the water droplets might make their way anytime soon. Pick up a torch, look out for those flashes from your attic, and try the leak test across them. If the water droplets fall across through the leaks, do not hesitate to get to the best expert in town.

When to Replace Roof?

Even if you do not find the racks, a good place to check the leakage would be the corners and edges, for water droplets from the edges can worsen the situation, and turn out to be an immediate sign of roof damage.


It’s time when you want to do it!

Apart from all the causes mentioned above, if you feel that your roof is a little old-fashioned and needs to have certain modifications, hire an expert today and get the best of roof remodeling solutions.