How Does Facebook Work Technically – Facebook Tracking System

Facebook in Our Life

Do you know Facebook tracks you all over the internet? Know why? How Facebook works and earns. so today we will know how Facebook work technically. There’s nobody who doesn’t use Facebook. 95% of people who work on the internet are involved with Facebook. A day cannot be fulfilled without Facebook. We like to present our thought on Facebook. Suppose, someone, gets G.P.A 5 in a public exam, then must he will post a status on Facebook that, “Yep, I got golden A+” etc. I am 100% sure that a real Facebook user must do it.

It is right that Facebook plays an important role in online communication and it also represents social attendance. Day by day Facebook reaches to more than a million people. In 8-9 years Facebook has about a billion active users. Facebook direct their business by their user and they pay salary to thousand of employee with this money. Buying Whatsapp and Instagram decrease their competitor and increase their business. It was the best strategy to increase their business online.

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How Does Facebook Work Technically

We use Facebook for our entertainment, for sharing, to have a relationship with friends and relatives etc. But Facebook is more watchful to you. Suppose, A and B are your two friends and B have another friend name C. Now Facebook presents C in front of you and suggests being his friend.

So we know what Facebook is. But how does Facebook works? How did they earn? How does Facebook use us for their business and earning money? Does Facebook track our whole activities on the internet? How much do we know about this? In this article, I will describe to you about this. I hope you will understand how Facebook work technically.

The Main Earning Source of Facebook

Advertising is the main earning source of Facebook as like Google. Cause, billions of people use Facebook regularly. So, absolutely it is a big platform for marketing and online business. For this, about millions of businessman works with Facebook and telecast their advertising by paying money to Facebook.

  1. From an ordinary businessmen to a huge company they all telecast Advertising by Facebook page to increase their selling.
  2. Facebook takes a lot of money from those businessmen every day.

You are learning the page How Does Facebook Work Technically? So stay with us. However, there 5000 friend limit in a Facebook account, so it is impossible to telecast their Advertising widely. But on the Facebook page, it is possible to reach million of people by page promotion. In the same way, by promoting the post and product businessmen can present their product and increase their sales. So we understand that Facebook gives to people an open opportunity and people take it to their side and Facebook gives chance to people to represent their business all over the world. So it is their main source of earning. Every year they earn billions of dollars by this.

How Does Facebook Work for Business: Facebook Tracks Us?

To increase their earnings and which businessmen take their service. For their highest advantage, Facebook tracks us all websites in net. Suppose, today you visit (World’s biggest online retail) for buying a watch. You just visit this website not buy any watch. After 1or 2 hours or 1 day, when you sign in your facebook account you see that there is an Advertising of this watch in your timeline which you wanted to buy. Very interesting, isn’t it? Not going far, I am telling about one of my real experience.

I browse on a website to buy a backpack. But I don’t buy any backpacks. I just see it for some minutes. The next day, when I sign into my Facebook account than I saw this bags advertisement which I saw yesterday in an E-commerce website. Actually, there’s no reason to be afraid. Here, Facebook tracks our online browser history by a tool. This tools name is “Facebook Pixel”. This is one of the best parts for knowing how does Facebook work technically.

How Work Facebook Pixel?

It is a tool and to start it you have to paste a code in this website which is given by Facebook. From the Add manager menu, you have to select pixel button and copy the javascript code and paste on your business website.

  1. Firstly, after seeing the Advertising on Facebook, what did the Clicker on this website?
  2. Second, Facebook user browsers which website and sees which product that remarket on this user’s timeline.

This is the main works done by Facebook pixel. Facebook pixel helps the businessman to understand their customers and helps to give the service. To capture minimum receiver it is very helpful. After all, this is helpful aspects for everyone to know how does Facebook work technically. Whereas, the article is not about the pixel. So, I don’t discuss more it. Just know that Facebook tracks us by pixel. They track us many places on the internet. There’s no negative reason. Just for their entrepreneurship reason.

Hope, you like this Article. Do you need an article about Facebook pixel? Notice me in by following the comment option below. Tell how this article is. Keep staying; I will be back with a new article soon. As well as thanks for spending your valuable moment to know how does Facebook work technically.