How Expert Plumbers Can Fix Toilet Flapper Leaks

Toilet flapper leaks are the most common water loss, especially with toilets using 3.5 gallons or more of water per flush. With this type of toilet, the more worn out the seal is on your toilet’s tank ball, the more your flapper leaks and can cost you a lot of money over time because it increases how much water you use. Consider replacing the toilet or getting a new flapper valve installed by an expert plumber if this is an issue. Here’s how they fix toilet flapper leaks.

How Expert Plumbers Can Fix Toilet Flapper Leaks

Pinpoint the Exact Problem

You can hear flapper leaks in the toilet bowl. If you hear a bubbling noise each time the toilet handle is flushed, it might indicate that you have a leaky flapper or another leak somewhere behind the tank.

An expert plumber will know how to distinguish between valve and flapper noise when they diagnose. They will also know how to stop the noise from telling if you have a flapper problem or not.

Tighten Leaky Flapper Valves

If it is determined that your toilet valve has worn out, it can often be tightened back up and made to work like new again. After several years, these fittings wear out and can be replaced at a low cost.

If there is additional wear to the mechanism, it should be replaced before it becomes an issue again. Your expert plumber will know where to take off the tank cover and how to tighten or replace your toilet flapper valve.

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Replace Faulty Toilet Valves

If the problem is determined to be the toilet valve, you should replace it with a new one. Not all valves are created equal, and some tend to fail within a couple of years, while others can last for five or more before replacement is needed.

Sometimes, the problem may be the fluid master or flush valve that allows water into your toilet tank. This should also be replaced if it is worn out and begins to leak, as this will cost you more money in the long run if not fixed.

The best valves are often brass because they never corrode or rust. They also last the longest before they need to be replaced, ensuring that you avoid water waste problems for many years down the road.

Install a New Flapper or Repair Yours

Sometimes your flapper needs replacing even if it isn’t leaking right now. If this is the case, an expert plumber can replace it for you before it fails and more water is wasted. If it’s worn out and not leaking, they can tighten the flapper to stop the noise and save you money on your water bill. All toilets should have a working flapper valve to stop water waste and functioning tank valves so the toilet does not overflow.

Final Thoughts

The reason why water is slowly leaking into the bowl instead of passing through the flapper is that there might be other problems in your toilet plumbing system. If this is the case, you may hear a gurgling noise in your drain line and notice increased water bills. An expert plumber can fix toilet flapper leaks and other leaks or even install a new toilet for you. Hire a reputed plumbing service to fix the problem and get your water bills under control.

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