How I Managed to Find a Professional Writer for My Essays

There is a beginning to every story, and if you are lucky, you get to know how the story ended. This story didn’t come to its end yet, as Jerry, the student we’ve interviewed for this study, is still studying and manages to use professional writing help for his benefit.

Find a Professional Writer

How did I get to the point where I couldn’t proceed without a professional writer holding my back?

At first, I thought that there is no need of hiring professional writing assistance, as only some lazy guys do that. Of course, I felt I am different. I was attacked online by all those services offering help with essays and more complex papers. You know how algorithms work – of course, they see that I am a student and that I may be interested in their help. However, for long, I managed not to click on those ads.

However, later, I came to realize that it is absolutely impossible to manage all the assignments you receive in college. This game is unfair to students from the very beginning, so, no wonder that students fight it back with using writing services. To write quality essays you need to do only this – no time even to sleep. So, I have decided to find a writer for essays I don’t feel interested in and for some urgent cases.

Which criteria did I take into account when looking for a writer?

First of all, I thought about confidentiality. Let’s face it, colleges are not thrilled about students using writing assistance, paying someone to write their papers. I didn’t want to have problems, so I didn’t even discuss this matter with my friends on campus. We were just getting to know each other, so I’ve decided not to ask for references from them. I looked for someone with a Master’s or Ph.D. degree, someone whose English language is better than mine, but still, someone who can write like students write. It is a mistake to look for an English language professor to write your freshman year essays. Next, I needed prices to be affordable, as for now, I don’t have time to work freelance, I don’t have extra income.

Which problems did I encounter on my way?

First, I decided to look for freelance writers who work freelance. I thought that human contact, personal communication will help me to understand better this person and to get better papers from his or her. Though from the very beginning it was going fine, later those brilliant writers were gone missing. Fortunately, I was never scammed in terms of money, but those missed deadlines were making me nervous. So, I have decided to find my essay writer in one of the professional writing services – WriteMyPaperHub, and it worked.

How to spend less on essay writing services?

Often, writing services seem a little more expensive than hiring separate freelance writers, but from my experience, it is cheaper to work with proven professionals, as they don’t violate deadlines, there is no problem with originality or confidentiality. To save money, order continuously with one service to get into the discount program and buy papers in advance.

Why do I think that most students need paid assistance with essay?

We are not perfect, the system is not perfect, so we just try to manage it. If you know how to organize your work and can share about 15-20% of your writing load, not more, then why not? The major idea is not to become addicted to writing services and remember that you still need to get education and essays are a valuable part of this process.