How Much Does Homeschooling Cost

There is no such thing as a free education because even if your child attends a public school (or not), you are probably paying taxes that support the local institutions. In addition, there are supplies that you have to purchase before the new grade starts, possibly uniforms or at least new clothes that meet the school’s dress code and extracurricular expenses depending on what activities they are involved in. Homeschooling is similar to private or charter schools in that there is a designated amount identified for tuition which is used to pay teachers, make enhancements to the online system and other routine expenses necessary to provide students a quality backed education.

Best online homeschool curriculum

Best online homeschool curriculum

Every platform has its own financial schedule which should give parents the price of all fees and costs upfront with no surprises during the year. This range can vary widely based on several factors which are discussed below but the first question is whether the school’s price fits within the family budget. It’s critical to find a platform that is affordable and has the best online homeschool curriculum so you can be sure that your child is receiving a quality backed education that meets regulatory standards as well as your own.

Tuition is the foundational cost and the most expensive but most schools offer discounts for families that have multiple children enrolled, possible military savings and even religious deductions if the platform is faith-based. This information should be available on the website where it can be compared with other sites to determine where the best price is for the greatest amount of learning and resources. There may also be a slight discount if paid in one or two payments instead of throughout the year but this is best discussed with the business office.

Grade level is another determining factor since elementary students are lower in cost than high schoolers because of the complexity and involvement of the professional instructors. Parents can also choose between the best print or online homeschool curriculum which can affect the price as hardback books tend to be more expensive than an e-text. While it is important to look at the price tag, parents need to keep in mind which of these options is right for their students based on their unique learning approach and development.

Some students choose to do homeschooling part-time instead of full-time so there is a different cost for these programs and with the registration fee. Part-time students will not have access to all the links and resources that full-time students have but homeschooling may only be a short-term solution needed due to a specific event. If the student transitions in one direction or another, the parent will need to check with the admissions staff to see if there is a refund or additional payment needed.

Additional fees may be based on things the school provides such as annual testing which may be required by the state as part of the family’s ability to homeschool. Labs, grad fees and higher-level courses would also be included in this list with notes on which grade and how they apply. The goal is to make the process easier for the student but prices should be reasonable and displayed upfront so the parent can account for these in their budget. Since extracurricular activities are not performed through the school, these are not applicable and up to the parent’s discretion based on where they choose to enroll them for these events.

Homeschooling is not a free education option but there are financial aid programs and scholarship opportunities with links offered through the platforms that families can use to apply and receive monetary help with the costs. This ensures that every child has a chance to get the education their parents want so they can do what they want with their life in the future. It is important to work with the staff members since these applications have deadlines along with required documentation and must be submitted in a timely manner to be applied to the upcoming school year.

There is a price tag on every form of education and each family must decide what it is that they can and are willing to pay for their child in this area. The majority of parents and students have found that the financial investment is worth the benefits they receive from a personalized education where they don’t have to be concerned with peer pressure, safety issues or bullying.  Instead, they can focus directly on their studies and building excellent self-skills that translate into all areas of their life and future career.  The first step is to look at the best online homeschool curriculum and check out their tuition page to get an idea of the costs and then decide whether it is the right move for your student and the family as a unit.