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How Much Does It Cost to Copy a Car Key?

Car is an essential vehicle in our day to day life. We use it almost every day for our regular purposes. Now, the problem will arise when any of your parts damage or, somehow, you will have lost your essential key in the car. In that case, you may have to copy another from sources.

It’s not a hard task to do. You just need to find out a locksmith near your home and make a duplicate car key. Let’s discuss how much does it cost to copy a car key and the copy procedure?

How Much Does It Cost to Copy a Car Key?

how much does it cost to copy a car key

There are several types of car keys available in the market. They are

  • Transponder key
  • Traditional key
  • Valet key
  • Smart key
  • Master key

Above all, the traditional key is mostly using keys around the world. Its price range is lower than the others. It is made from a standard key blank, and the cost will be near around $3 to $10. At an early age, master keys are intended to be used for different cars. It is not a standard using the key, and this key has been used for some particular purposes.

The Costing to Copy a Car Key

Nowadays, it is rare to see a master key for the car. If you like to replace a master key, the cost could be almost a thousand dollars. In some cases, you might have to change the full set up to replace a master key. In the modern world, we love to use the transponder key.

Here you might have some exclusive features like when you will insert it into the ignition, a sensor will respond very quickly, and it will help to activate the transponder. The cost of replacement or have a new transponder key will be within $100.

Now let’s talk about a smart key; it will start the car with a simple button, and the process is straightforward. You need to replace it from the dealership, and the cost could be $200 to $400 depending on the situation.

The other keys are valet key and switchable key. The valet key is being made for some special purposes. It can only open the door and start the car. This key cannot perform any other tasks. Switchable keys can be foldable, and it looks like a knife. For replacing a switchable key, you need a budget of around $400.

How to copy your car key?

You can do that by any hardware store or from a locksmith shop. Yes, it is possible to get a new car key from the car dealer, but the process could be long and monotonous. Get a good locksmith near your area could be a smart choice.

Now the question will come to your mind that how much time does it take to copy a car key? It might take 1-45 minutes, and the timeframe will depend on the complexity of the car key. could be your trusted partner here. If you face any problem with car key making or any kind of essential making service, just visit our website and place your order here.


It is possible to arrange a locksmith within an affordable budget, so do not get worried if you lost your car key or, somehow, the key is being damaged. If you go to a locksmith shop, the cost of making a duplicate basic car key will be $1.50 to $4.

This is an estimated price, and it depends on the location and the type of car key you have. In some cases, it may move up to $10 or even more. Now, if you need some additional features like a transponder chip, the price can be up to $120 or even more.

Last few words

I believe now you will get a clear idea regarding the costing for replacing a car key. Normally locksmiths will do it at a cheap cost. On the other hand, the car dealer will charge a little bit high. So before replacing a car key, please do some research and find out the best locksmiths around you. We are always with you to serve in a modern way.

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