How Much Does a 3D Printer Cost: Different 3d Printers Price

3D Printer has been one crucial part of our life. If you are seeking the best 3D printers, you must have to know the basic function of the 3D printers. There are different types of 3D printers in the market. According to the features, it is also important to know how much is a 3d printer. So Budget is one of the factors that will make you decide to buy which kind of 3d printers you are going to buy. Surely there are different kinds of 3D printer and we are going to discuss it.

What is 3D Printer?

3D printing or additive manufacturing makes any process from three dimensional solid objects from the corner of a digital file. It is the printer that starts to work with the conception of 3D model in any computer and prints into three-dimensional digital form. The task is done typically by laying down many thin layers of a material succession. However, the use and popularity of the 3D printers is on the rise. For any store to a big industry, this printer produces high quality of prints to add value to our life.

Different types of 3D Printers Cost

There is a different category of 3D printers in which cost will vary according to its quality and performance. Lower rate for a 3D printer may be just initial investment to learn about the 3D process. However, we are going to know the different types of 3D printer cost and their reviews as well.

how much is a 3d printer

Entry Level Category 3D printers

This is an entry-level category 3D printer. It has a few scopes to use technological advancement. But it is the start of more expensive 3D printers. Being an entry-level 3D printer, It can print more than 3-4” in any dimension (height, length, and width). The big limitation is that it’s noisy and steady to operate its production compared to a heavy printer in the market. Additionally, the print quality may not be super and wonderful. The reason behind using this printer is to know the start of 3D printer and using this printer will work better for expensive models.

As there is no super or advanced production system, the price is also limited. It is available at only $200-$400. When you have a plan to start a business in this area, this one can be starting corner for your business.

One can only print smaller items and it can’t meet the need of large scale parts to print. The Entry level printer is very slow compared to other advanced and technologically updated 3d printer. Additionally, one can expect only a 100-micron resolution. It is also not easy to install this printer according to your needs.

Hobbyist Category 3D Printers

This is one of the 3D printers in which people have some experience to operate it. This printer is gradually being updated with 3D modes with a creative outlook. This machine is capable of performing higher end.

The entry-level printer will provide smaller part of the print but this hobbyist printer is ready to printer a bigger part of the print. But it may not be possible to carry on 5-6” in every dimension with some of the familiar models.

When you have experience in operating the entry-level 3D printer, slow motion is a common issue. But Hobbyist is faster and smarter than entry-level printers. It is worth adding satisfaction as you can get fastness after using this Hobbyist category 3D printer. More importantly, there is a scope to use flexible materials choice that can add up extra creativity for 3D needs.

However, from the point of the user, it adds more value to the production of 3D prints compared to entry-level printer. When you have already gained so much knowledge in using an entry-level 3D printer, this one can be a better option to expand your business. Additionally, the change of entry-level 3D printer is worth adding value and reduce the poor quality of the print.

This 3D printer gives a better performance so the price may be a little bit high. Do you know how much is the price of the printer? This type of printer is available at $300-1,500.

Enthusiast Category 3D printers

Over the generation, we are getting update technology that is reducing hassle and improving the quality of the product. Enthusiast Category 3D printer is one of the latest version that produces high quality of the print.

There are some key features of this printer which will be a smart choice when you are tired of using entry-level or hobbyist category printer. This printer is user-friendly that produces a solid and robust print. The printing range is larger compared to entry level and hobbyist printer. This 3D printer can print up to 8-12” in every dimension. This is a quite bit faster in printing good quality of the print. This printer is soundless and it can print very smoothly. However, there is an option of a wider choice of materials that add satisfaction during printing.

However, when you have small stores, this printer can meet the need of the people. But it is not possible to make bulk production with this printer. When someone is going for high production, this printer is going to be unfit to produce a print at a stretch. Then one needs to go for maintenance or repair. So one can print with this 3D printer within the limit of the printer.

Entry-level or Hobbyist printer may not meet the needs. But this printer is updated and the price could be $1,500-$3,500. You can also get a printer under $300 from ReplicatorWarehouse.

Professional Category 3D Printers

Professional category 3D printers are typical to meet the demand for commercial purposes. This printer prints high quality of print and it is possible to print 12” in all dimensions. There is an easy scope to use different textures and colors.

This printer can be durable and easy to maintain. According to the customer review, this is one of the high-quality 3D printers which prints on a quick basis. For any need to school, college, universities, any club, and any business which may be a large or small enterprise, this printer can be the smart choice. The need for printers is easily met by this professional category 3D printer.

To buy this printer means to invest money in this professional category printer. One has to invest a sum of money to buy this printer which may be from $3,500 to $6,000.

Anyway, for huge print production, this one can be the perfect choice that can save money and hassle as it prints on a quick basis and maintenance is also a little bit easy.

Industrial Category 3D printer

For industrial production of print, there are some various types of 3D printers. Industrial category printer is the choice when one goes serious production with the serious 3D machine.

The main features of this printer are high durability, easy maintenance, and high quality of printing products. This printer is made of plenty of metal that shapes this printer as durable. Additionally, this printer is highly user-friendly that is one of the smart features of this printer.

As it meets the needs of the small business with high quality of the prints, this one is going to be costly. The price of this industrial Category 3D printers is from $20,000 to $1, 00,000. However, there is also a restriction of this printer which is the limitation of material and material availability. The filament can be another limitation as it becomes costly according to the setup of these printers. But it does not mean that this printer is on the decline. People are still searching for this printer in the market.

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Best cheap 3D printers for sale

The Creality Ender 3

The creality Ender 3 is one of the 3D printers which is available in the market. It is a DIY Kit developed by this company. This is one of the cheapest printer for sales. If your budget is limited, the best suggestion is to go with this printer. So do you know how much price is for this 3d pinter? Yep, the price will start from $229.

The Creality Ender 3

Check Price

There are some key feature of this printer that has made this printer unique. There is 1.75mm filameter. This printer in the market is compatible with more filaments from 3rd party source.

This printer can provide medium size print and 220*220*250 mm is in print size in millimeters. Print sizes in inches are expected by 8.6*8.6*9.4 inches which can be best deal with lower price indeed.

One can use this printer with some famous operating systems like Windows, Mac, OSX and Linux. More importantly, this printer can be best deal to have required level of dimensions.

Monoprice Mini Delta

This printer is really popular in the market. US-based technology has added a great reputation in the field of 3D printing. The Monoprice Mini Delta is a fully assembled Delta 3 D printer that has tiny footprint and also has mini build volume.

Monoprice Mini Delta

Check Price

There is a technological use in the printer though it is lower in price compared to any other printer in the market. Automatic calibration and various types of connectivity system have made printing work very easy.

There are some usable materials which are compatible with this printer. The 1.75 mm filament diameter can be the best deal to print unique and good quality of print. Additionally, filaments can be used from other source and there is no issue regarding this problem.

The build volume has some features like 3D print size is in mini Category and print size per millimeters are 110 D *120 H mm.

More importantly, this printer is compatible with USB cable and Micro SD which is considered as one of the smart use. One can connect this printer with WIFI. Even, there is Color display that shows the functions of the printers.

Sparkmaker High-Resolution 3D Printer

Sparkmaker High-Resolution 3D Printer

Check Price

Spakmarker is a high-resolution printer that is only about 6.6 pounds. It is a compact design of 3D printer that is best for the office work, studio or home. So if someone wants to small scale print, this printer is available at lower price.

The simple function of this printer can be added advantage. One can just open up the box and start production from this printer. There is no hassle to set up other material from other sources. More importantly, this printer can print on offline mode. One can add a SD card that has print files, press the print button and it is easy to get the design you made with the help of this printer.

The printing quality is really awesome. This machine prints at 100 micrometers XY resolution and there is access to print up to 20 micrometers Z layer thickness.

Anyway, this printer can perform well for the need for printing. According to the customer review, this printer is one of the best printers where there is free warranty service. The company is ready to repair any problem with the printer within 24 hours.

Monoprice Maker Select Plus 3D printer V1

Monoprice Maker Select Plus 3D printer

Check Price

This printer is really compatible with outside filaments. There are heated build plate and wide range of extruder temperature that works best to produce a good quality of the print. This is designed with a compact design that has features of a small footprint and open frame design. This printer is perfect to set any desk for being compact.

This printer can print different size of print with PLA filaments and Micro SD card. The build area is 7.9*7.9*7.1 inches is enough for your needs. This printer also has connectivity with USB cable and micro USB. However, Monoprice is compatible with any desktop, mac and Cura, Repetier and other software that can add a better experience.

You can get this printer at a very lower rate. This printer is available at only $289. For more information, one can check here in Amazon.

Monoprice Select Mini 3D Printer V2

Monoprice Select Mini 3D Printer V2

Check Price

There are a lot of 3D printers in the market. The best printer should be compatible with any type of filament. Luckily this printer is compatible with a filament that can be used from other sources. One can use ABS and PLA which are more advanced components indeed.

This is surely a compact design that is one of the key features for any printer. It is featured with a small footprint and basic, open frame design. So it is perfect to keep in any desk indeed. This printer is also assembled and calibrated in the factory.

For better use, one can include Micro SD card with pre-installed models so it is possible to start print after opening the box. This printer is totally compatible with PC and Mac. The software that is useable is Cura, Repetier.

You may be happy to know that this printer consumes less energy compared to other 3D printers. It works on best with 120 watts.

Top factors that determine the pricing

Surely there are some top factors that determine the pricing. 3D printing is one of the needs for modern life. For this, the price is really considerable thing to buy a 3D printer. Here we are going to know some factors that determine the pricing of the printing service.


3D printer is made of some mechanical components. These mechanical properties are associated with cost. However, you may need to spend less when your option is about producing prototyping photopolymer. But for the functional option, you have to spend a little bit more for considering the strength of the materials. So the materials highly define the quality of the print and the cost as well.

Wall thickness

Wall thickness is another consideration that influences the price of the 3D printers. It affects the minimum layer height for the parts that affect the price. There are different materials that may be thinner which can reduce the cost of the 3D printers. In this stage the main consideration should be geometry and part of the application when someone is going to choose the wall thickness.

Layer Height

Layer height is the measurement of each layer for 3D printers. Over the technological advancement, a thinner layer height can reduce the visible stair stepping of a 3D printer that improves the quality of the surface and definition of the part. It can increase the price of the 3D printer.

Lead Time

Time is money and money comes on the cycle of products manufactured. Time really plays a big role in saving cost. It is important to merge in the cost of a part. When someone has a longer lead time, it is possible to fit the build in wherever there is space.


Labor cost highly depends on the price of the 3D printer. There are some key factors of labor that increases that price of the 3D printers which are metal parts built with DMLS, material ordered which must be machined off the platform. It means using more hands will be adding more price in the long run. The price can be higher than a raw part for requirement support removal.

Final Outline:

3D printer may be a need for modern life and it is a way of smart earning. There are different types of 3D printer in the market. But before making any buying decision, one should gain enough knowledge on the function and operation of the 3D printers. The common question is how much a 3d printer cost. According to the feature of the printers, the price will vary and one can get some knowledge from this article about price according to the types of 3D printers.