How Restaurants Use Sous Vide Cooking Info

If you’ve never heard of sous vide cooking before, that’s likely because you’ve never been in a commercial kitchen. Believe it or not, but sous vide cookers have been used for a long time in commercial kitchens for their consistency and ease of use. Below, you will learn about what sous vide is and some of the major benefits of commercial sous vide machines.

How Restaurants Use Sous Vide Cooking Info

What Is Sous Vide?

Sous vide is a cooking technique that is used across the industry. While it’s primarily been used in commercial settings, there are more and more sous vide products coming out that are aimed at household use. Sous vide works by immersing ingredients in a heated environment that’s held at a consistent temperature.

This helps to cook the food slower and it makes it impossible to overcook the food. This is why it’s used in commercial kitchens because there is no worry about overcooking steaks and other foods.

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How Do Restaurants Use Sous Vide In Their Kitchens?

1. Prepping Large Amounts Of Food

One of the biggest reasons restaurants use this type of cooking technique has to do with prepping large amounts of food. You can’t prep such quantities of food when you are using other techniques. For instance, if you are cooking steaks, you would have to use an individual burner for every steak. Whereas, with sous vide precision cooking, you don’t need to. Instead, you can cook several steaks at the same time. Likewise, there is no worry about overcooking the steaks because they are all being cooked consistently and at the same temperature.

2. Better Taste

Another thing that restaurants use sous vide equipment for is to achieve a better taste. The fact is, you are bound to get a better taste when the food is cooked properly. Many restaurants cook a lot of food every day. Because of this, you can count on certain dishes getting overcooked. As a result, it can ruin the taste of food. When you cook with sous vide, that’s not an issue. A restaurant can go into the day or night knowing that their food is going to be cooked consistently and with better results.

3. No Undercooking

One of the biggest fears of every restaurant is getting their customers sick. If you get a customer sick from undercooking the food, you are bound to get a bad review. From there, you are likely to lose future business because of it. By having all of your food cooked consistently, you no longer have to worry about food getting undercooked. This alone is worth investing in sous vide cooking equipment for any restaurant owners.

4. Save Time

A lot of time is spent towering over stoves and burners in a restaurant’s kitchen. When you invest in sous vide precision cookers, your cooks can spend more time doing other things. They no longer have to stand over and watch a steak while it’s on the grill. Instead, they simply wait for the cooker to do its thing and then sear the meat once it’s done. It saves a lot of time in the kitchen which helps them spend a lot more time doing other result-producing things during busy hours.

As you can tell, there are plenty of different benefits that come from using sous vide cooking equipment. Restaurants tend to use it for various reasons. Whether it be to save time or to prepare large amounts of food at once, many restaurants have made serious investments in this method of cooking. However, it’s not only available for restaurants. While getting into sous vide cooking may have been cost-prohibitive in the past, that’s no longer the case.

Nowadays, it’s much easier than ever before. There are more sous vide products available at affordable prices that make getting into this style of cooking easier. They offer numerous benefits that make it the optimal way to cook at restaurants and at home. If you are looking for something that is more cost-effective, you can get excellent results with sous to vide precision cookers.

There are plenty available that offer many features that make it a great option to cook with. You want to try to choose the one that suits your needs the most.f