How Small Businesses Benefit from Payroll Phone Apps

Due to the rise of technology, a lot has changed in the way we do business. Software and mobile apps have made some of our tasks much easier, as they help us automate and manage them fast, thus saving our most valuable resource – time.

Payroll Phone Apps

One of the areas in which phone apps can bring many benefits is payroll. Here are some of the advantages payroll phone apps bring to small businesses.

Ease of access

The greatest benefit of using automated payroll phone apps is that they are easy to access anywhere, at any time. This means that real-time information can quickly be obtained by the employer, allowing updates – you can start or stop payroll and add an extra payment with a quick swipe on your mobile device.

With your payroll phone app, you can easily access your employee’s information wherever you are. Actually, you will have access to all the features you are already used to in your payroll software on a laptop or a desktop.

Anytime you need it, you can have an instant overview of all employee leaves in the company calendar, making it possible for you to have adequate cover at busy times.

At the same time, employees can access their payroll information on the go, too. They can easily check their earnings and view their payslips. Employees can also check how many vacation days they have left, submit annual leave and unpaid leave requests.

Finish everything on time

If you’re managing the team, chances are you are familiar with all the problems which may occur while you’re trying to keep up with your daily responsibilities, and still having your payroll task to fulfill.

If you’re struggling to finish everything on time, the payroll app is just what your small business needs to speed things up and make the process run smoothly. You can make the necessary changes and corrections easily, including the scheduled payday, if it occurs on weekends or banking holidays.

With an app on your Apple or Android devices, your employees’ salaries will be right on time, as you can run the payroll wherever your day takes you, boosting your employees’ job satisfaction and engagement.

Automate menial tasks

Some of the payroll phone apps are designed in a way that you can accomplish more by doing less than before. You just need to run the payroll once, and you can automate the process for all future cycles.

Payroll taxes will be automatically deducted, so you can maintain compliance, and you wouldn’t have to worry about them anymore.

Payroll phone apps can also transfer money directly to your personalized employee income cards, which makes things much easier for both you and your employees, as employee income card will grant your staff fast access to their money, without the need to pay check-cashing fees.

Save time and money

As employees can have access to their payslips, the number of questions your payroll team will need to answer will significantly decrease and free them from dealing with such mundane tasks.

Furthermore, some apps even allow your employees to change a wide range of their own personal information, such as their contact and address details as well as their banking information. When employees take responsibility for these tasks, they will make sure to enter them correctly, as they want to be paid on time.

That way, you won’t have to waste your own time on these tasks or waste money on hiring someone else to do it for you.

In addition, moving your payroll process to the digital world will also get rid of unnecessary paper, allowing you to be more cost-effective while also producing less waste.

The effects of such changes in the long run, in terms of time and money saved, are significant, no matter how big or small your business is.

Best apps on the market

There are many great apps on the market that can help you with handling your payroll. Some of the most popular are:

  • This app automates the calculation and deduction of local, state, and federal taxes, and automatically files and pays them. It offers great functionalities and benefits.
  • The app is designed for small businesses and provides basic features, such as running payroll on the go, tracking paid time off, and changing paycheck details. It has no options for benefits enrollment and management.
  • Square Payroll. The app lets you manage payroll, review your filed tax forms, and lets employees set up direct deposits and benefits.

Before choosing the best app for you, explore its options and payment plans thoroughly, so that you are sure you’ll have all the functionalities you need.

Once you switch to a phone app and get accustomed to its features, you will hardly be able to imagine doing your payroll any other way.