How Social Media Can transform today’s Brand Logo Designs?


There is hardly anybody left in this universe who isn’t a smartphone user now. Even, a newborn who doesn’t know how to utter the word ‘mom’ crawls down to catch the magical keys of this digital device and since you have a smartphone then, it is an understood thing that you must be on social media.

Social media has truly transformed our identities and the way we communicate with each other astoundingly.The concept of ‘sharing is caring’ has become a part & parcel of the day with people, always tempting to click and post their stories with their loved ones on walls, waiting for their comments or tweets or just putting those silly hashtags to feel like a ‘celebrity ‘.

How Social Media Transform Today’s Brand Logo Designs?

We all have become social- activists and content-consumers these days in a way that even we don’t know and this trend could become a winning Call to action for today’s brand logo designers and their approach of logo brand designs!

Let’s talk about some of the developments that we have noticed so far to catch up on this year!  So follow these logo design ideas for business.

Design For Super Tiny Sizes Will Lead

In the pre-smartphone-era, the tiniest size of the logo that could be expected was about 50 mm approx. and was more commonly seen in an email signature, signage, on the top left corner of any website, over-packaging material or on the banner of retail outlet. But luckily, because of social media linguistics the idea now says that for an identity to be impactful, it must look great even at micro sizes.

Social media can be rightly blamed for the evolution through which creative logo designing has been gone through up until today.Prior to the advent of social media, the need to design a super tiny logo design wasn’t felt necessary but with the influx of smartphone users and social-media enthusiasts springing up, the trend of designing for small sizes isn’t a rocket science anymore.

Brands know that social media is undeniably the most talked about, fast-paced, easily shareable, cheapest and widely engaging media so far to ‘best’ interact with your target masses, no matter where located.Therefore, this has become mandatory to be at a place where people love to see and interact with your brand corporate identity the most-your followers become your buzz!

The ‘Premier League’ can be a classic example of a brand logo design that has evolved itself for the last many years and credit goes to the social media developments that took place so far. The sports brand released its new, fresh logo in February 2016, co-designed by a popular global agency Design Studio and Robin Brand Consultants.

Logo Design Feature for Premium League
Logo Design Feature for Premium League

Premier League’s ex- logo design featured a full-size lion in a standing position with a crown over his head and a football beneath his paws.If you observe the logo over some small size, the illustrations will appear to be too complex and cluttered making it somewhat unprofessional by looks.

The revised design version comparatively, is more précised and include only the lion‘s head, which is much more appealing due to its simplicity and great social media feel alongside, leaving a dramatic impact across every other size as well.

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Logos Designed To Evolve And Modify

The way we interact and communicate with the brand logos online today has truly transformed. It has become more shareable and more instant, instilling a unique opportunity for the logos to adapt and evolve at any point of time for raising brand voice, ideas and inspirations.These types of logos have been termed as “Logo Systems’and are crafted as a framework that can be revised, whilst remaining distinguishable.

One of such interesting type of identity was released by Pentagram Partner Michael Beirut for the presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton that looked super-cool across every size and social media channel. The logo intelligently draws awareness among the people and generates their interest towards political issues, events and ideas.

Logos Designed To Evolve And Modify
Logos Designed To Evolve And Modify

The corporate identity, indeed, proved very powerful as an ‘icon’ and just by changing her twitter sign to a variation of its creative logo design ideas, the female President was able to drive attention to any issue without making the use of any words or extra images than her logo.

What’s even more interesting is that the logo was open for the general public to join in the cause too by customizing the symbol as per issues or thoughts that matter to them and simultaneously voting in favor of the lady President. The brand creative logo design online represented the celebrity and also, was catchy enough to be drawn to everyone, cracking out the endless possibilities of brand- engagement for just about anyone.

Negative Feedback & Designing Impressive Identities

When a new logo is launched, it becomes viral like a ‘buzz’ in the online and social world. People love to talk about it, share it, criticize it and even dump it. Thanks to the social media that even a layman feels the freedom to express his opinion openly about an event, but at the same time, this could be something scary as his feedback or opinion is visible to everybody globally and this can put both the company and the brand logo designer directly into trouble of waters. People will see every word about them.

Negative Feedback & Designing Impressive Identities
Negative Feedback & Designing Impressive Identities

What’s worrisome is that sometimes such approach could put the designer into such pressure that he just wants to come up with a design that is ‘clever’ and ‘exciting’, rather than one that is ‘right ‘and appealing in a hope that the world would like his work and this is where the actual problem arises.

People don’t accept change. It could be anything and even if it’s nice, will still cause some negativity and reaction within their behavior. Brands have now become an integral part of people’s lives, so do anything but never mess up directly with a brand identity in a way that could upset your audience, as they have years of bonds with them!

We aren’t saying that your logo shouldn’t look clever- but put it that way, it should look more ‘smart’!The social world is much inspired by creativity and engaging original works and if they don’t get that feeling in your logo, they would simply turn-off from your brand. Ouch, that hurts!!

Many top brand logos are the ones that have the guts to symbolize their brand values and let the world feel that! Being a designer if you succeed to meet your business goals by owning your decisions, you can standout pompously by your work with an inner feeling that you have done something ‘great’ and ‘genuine’.Yes, you‘ll get negative feedbacks and heartbreaking jabs many times, but just don’t let these overcome your work in any way with the next ‘big’ profile and a deliverable project on your own and believe us, nobody could dare stop you from being a top designer of 2020 ’s!