How to Become Rich Starting from Scratch?


How to become rich starting from scratch? It’s often a question about getting and I can tell you something: even today, it’s still possible to get rich from scratch. How to do it? I explain to you:

How to become rich starting from scratch?

I did it, and I will explain the steps and the best ways to achieve it. Because I left less than that: my parents were over-indebted. So, I looked for ways to make a living, develop my wealth, become rich. There are no miracle recipes, secrets … I’m going to talk about spirit state, action and attitude. Because I left less than that: my parents were over-indebted.

Become Rich Starting from Scratch
Become Rich Starting from Scratch

So, I looked for ways to make a living, develop my wealth, become rich. There are no miracle recipes, secrets … I’m going to talk about spirit state, action and attitude.

When one seeks to earn more, become rich or develop one’s heritage, full of received ideas submerge us.

On the one hand, we are tempted to think that we can become rich without doing anything, by playing games of chance and that it is a question of luck.

On the other hand, we often hear that you have to be ripped off to become rich. All of these ideas often block a lot of people. But none of these ideas is true when you want to become rich in a sustainable way. Me, I did it by being in agreement with myself.  At my own pace, but also being happy and proud of the course I did. What I did was a pleasure every day, and it is still the case today.

What I did was to start from scratch, build a career, develop skills, invest and start my business.

Today, I have about ten apartments, Cars, prize bond, a stock market that earns me $ 1,000 in dividends per month, I continue to build and develop my box. I have a heritage that has exceeded one million euros without me being a hard worker; although I work regularly and diligently.

How to become rich from scratch? In my opinion, there are 3 keys to get there, these are the “MAA”.

Mindset “M”: It’s your state of mind, the way you see the world.

When we are not interested in the power of our brain, we underestimate the fact that everyone has a different view of the world, with their own accepted ideas. Some types of mindset can, however, become rich.

For example, if you believe that you are capable of enriching yourself, you will be able to get there. If, on the contrary, you think you are bad with money and you are not ready to make money … naturally, you will not have any results.

There are several states of mind to adapt to become rich, including 2 in particular:

– To change your mindset, the easiest way is to change the people you are around.

It is said that one person is the average of the 5 others who are closest to him. So, if among 5 of your friends there is no millionaire, entrepreneur … who had an inspiring journey for you, it will be difficult to get there.

So, mix with different people!

If you do not have easy access to these people, create a virtual Mastermind through books. Read the biographies of people who did what you want to do …; and make these people become full people in your life.

It’s a bit odd, but they will become people who inspire you and to which you will be able to think daily in the face of a difficult situation. When you think of your own state of mind and say to yourself, “what would he have done for me? It gives you different ideas and points of view.

-To succeed, you must also want it and therefore have a minimum of ambition.

If you do not have enough ambition, you will not succeed. So, you have to believe in yourself: that you are capable, that you are worth it and that you are going to get there. If you are scared of something like future. Read this article by Dr. Angela How to stop thinking about something so this may help you to analyze your fear.

Most people do not think it’s possible for them, others think you have to be part of a circle, have contacts … Obviously, all of this will help, but if you start from scratch, it will take to fend for yourself.

If I asked you how much you want to live your life on a scale of 1 to 10. No sane person will say want to live a life on a scale of 5/10. Yet this is what most people live today, judging by actions.

If you want to live a life of 10/10, you will have the mindset of people who want to succeed while remaining honest, consistent and aligned with yourself.

Attitude “A”: You will be able to succeed if you have an attitude that corresponds to success.

To become rich, you have to become someone worthwhile. This is not about personality or human value, but about the value, you can bring to others. It can take different forms: the way of dealing with things, the creation or simply the realization of something that no one else wants to do. The more you work on yourself, the more you will improve your skills: social, emotional, technical. You will become a worthy person, and you will never miss anything.

So, to know if you worked on that, just look at what you learned yesterday, last week …

What makes you today a better, more relevant, more accurate and more developed person than before? If you cannot answer this question, start learning something.

You are not going to learn things you think you should learn, but rather things that make you happy, have fun, or why you want to read books even late at night …

Become someone valuable, who has value. You will then be able to distribute this value and have something to offer in return for the money you are offered.

Action “A”: Because we have to apply all that.

It’s nice to read books, talk to people, have the right attitude to something … but you have to know how to apply it.

An important point to note well: “We must create instead of consuming”.

Create something in this world, be it writing, art or video. If you do not create anything and you do not propose anything, nobody will come to say to you: “well, I have 500 € and I want to give them to you”.

For that, you must have something to offer them. And for that to be possible, you will have to create. What you create initially will not have much value, but over time, your creation will gain in value.

So, these 3 aspects: Mindset, Attitude, and Action, are the easiest ways to apply one after the other to become rich from scratch. Remember, money is not the most important thing in the world. But it’s still a pleasure to have a few million euros in his pockets.