How to Build Trust With Your Dog


All good relationships begin with a good foundation of trust, and that statement transcends to our furry friends. Our dogs depend on us for their livelihood to a fuller extent since we provide them with food, water, shelter, and love. If our trust bond is not strong enough, we may find our furry friend react differently when certain situations occur.

Build Trust With Dog

How to Build Trust With Your Dog

Today we will discuss how to build trust with your dog. Because, as necessary, it is to create a loving environment, it is to create a trusting one.

Trust Building for Dogs

Remember, similar to humans, dogs learn by way of repetition and consistency. If we fail to show consistency then it will make it difficult for our dog to trust anything we do.

To build trust with our dogs, we must first realize that it will require patience and dedication on our behalf. Even more, if our dog is adopted and already an adult. Don’t give up, as forming a bond of trust with our dogs is a beautiful accomplishment.

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How to Build Trust With Your Dog

Let us now see a few ways we can build trust with our dog. The advice in this article can be a bit different depending on the personality and age of your dog. Keep that in mind!

Be Patient

As mentioned before, this will be key for building trust. Even though dogs can learn over 165 words, that does not mean they will understand everything we are trying to say. For them, repetition and positive actions are essential to understand our words.

As an example, we can teach them (through repetition) that the word “easy” means that we are there to help them. We can then follow up by petting your dog calmly and gently. An ideal situation we can use this is when we go to the veterinary.

Calm Environment

Dogs have sharpened senses, especially when it comes to noises. Continually playing TV or music at a high volume will make the environment unpleasant for your dog. With that said, if a noisy atmosphere surrounds our doggy friend, it will make them always on edge.

Constant Teasing

It may appear to be funny whenever we tease our dog, but it is much more than that for our dog. Dogs don’t understand what teasing is, so for them, teasing is very frustrating. As you can imagine, this will cause them to be on edge whenever we are around as they don’t know when we will tease again.

Give Them Space

Possibly one of the most challenging steps to do, but just as humans need space, dogs do too. Instead of frequently dragging them around with us or smothering them with hugs, let them come to us. By giving space, we allow them to build the need to find us to seek love and affection.

By giving our dogs space, they will trust that they can always come to us whenever they require some cuddles. Once our dog gains our trust, they’ll act in surprising yet beautiful ways, as you can read on here.

Be There for Them

For dogs, we are their entire world. We are to them their guardian, parent, and friend. In reaction, they give us love and loyalty. That is why it is essential to ask yourself how to build trust with your dog. Done correctly, they will provide us with all the love and loyalty they have for many years.

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