How to Care for Puma Sneakers


Taking good care of your Pumas keeps them looking new even as they become a staple of your wardrobe. Because the brand uses high-quality, durable material, these sneakers stand up well to daily wear. Before shopping sneakers for men online, prepare to care for your shoes properly by reviewing this guide.

Overall Care Instructions

Regardless of the fabric, Puma sneakers should stay out of the washer and dryer. The heat of the dryer breaks down the material while the movement of both machines can damage stitching and fabric.

How to Care for Puma Sneakers

Instead, clean your shoes by hand right away when they get dirty. If your sneakers get wet, take out the footbed sole and let them dry naturally. However, avoid drying shoes in direct sunlight. If you do put them outside, find a shady spot.

If you find your sneakers tend to develop an odor with regular wear, try placing dryer sheets in the shoes overnight. When you’re cleaning your shoes, don’t forget about the laces. Soak them in water with gentle detergent overnight, then spread them out to air dry.

Canvas and Nylon

Keep harsh cleansers and bleach away from your nylon or canvas women’s sneakers. To remove dirt and debris, carefully clean the shoe with cold water, gentle soap and a soft washcloth. For harsh stains, make a paste out of water and a gentle detergent, then let it dry overnight before cleaning the sneaker. Allow to air dry before wearing again.

You can also look for a fabric protector that is safe to use on canvas and nylon. Spray a thin layer evenly on the shoe and allow it to air dry.


Puma sneakers made from genuine leather should never be immersed in water. Instead, use the same method as you would use to clean nylon or canvas shoes. Use a leather spray for the ultimate protection. If your leather shoes need more cleaning, look for formulas made specifically for this delicate material.

Synthetic Leather

These Pumas should also be cleaned with cold water and mild soap. However, instead of a soft cloth, try using a soft-bristled brush on synthetic leather. A toothbrush works well in a pinch. It’s especially important to keep synthetic leather shoes out of the sun. UV rays will cause the material to fade, buckle and crack.

Nubuck and Suede

Keep suede and nubuck styles away from rain and moisture. These sneakers should only be cleaned with a designated suede brush to keep the surface soft and supple. In fact, you should brush your suede shoes regularly even if they don’t look dirty.

You can also treat your shoes with suede protectant from a reputable brand. Follow the instructions on the package to shield your suede and nubuck for six to 10 months.

When you aren’t wearing your Puma sneakers, help them stay in shape and prevent creases by stuffing them with newspaper. Crumpled newspapers can also help wet shoes dry more quickly. Avoid exposure to high temperatures, which can degrade the material of your shoes. For the freshest kicks, keep a few pairs in rotation. Swapping out your shoes every few days gives each pair time to rest.