How to Choose a Long-Range Controller


Do you want Christmas to be a special occasion? The truth is that you do not want to miss out on this moment of jubilation. The lighting does have a role to make the occasion extra special. Well, this is why you need to choose the best Pixel Controllers.

When you want to go for the most appropriate pixel controllers, then the long-range controllers will offer you value. The long-range controller has a central board. The board can easily get connected to different receivers. The benefit of these controllers is the long transmission distance. Plus, you do not have to worry about the loss of signals.

Plus, local power distribution to each pixel is also appropriate.

The features you need to look for in a long-range pixel controller

 Choose a Long-Range Controller

  • The transmitter must have high data refresh rates.
  • Should support unicast and multicast addressing.
  • Your transmitter should be able to support IGMP. It means it will support high data pack routing.
  • The ethernet input of the Transmitter must also match with the industry standard.
  • The transmitter should offer wide range voltage input.
  • Logic circuitry and fused outputs must be offered by the transmitter.
  • Ideally, the transmitter should have a configuration-free power connection.
  • It will also be great if the transmitter offers remote temperature monitoring.
  • The transmitter should offer fast configuration. The Assistant utility should facilitate this configuration. The best thing about the Assistant utility is that it shows all the controllers.
  • The output capacity of your controller’s transmitter also matters at the end of the day.

There are some other features too that you need to look for in the transmitter of your controller. The transmitter should have a standard mode. Plus, it should have a condensed mode too.  Additionally, the transmitter should have easy to use screwable connectors on all the data interfaces.

You need to be specific about the features of the receiver also. The receiver should have a pluggable connector for each power output. Ideally, the receiver should be able to control 2 sets of supported pixels.

There are times when you require the receiver for professional or commercial installation. Well, in that case, you should look for a fully isolated receiver. Each receiver should offer a power rating of about 15A.

Additionally, the receiver should be capable of receiving different pair of signals.

When buying pixel controllers, then you should shortlist the best options available. For example, you can go for Pixel Controllers by Advatek Lighting. At the same time, it is essential that you should evaluate your requirements and understands your needs.

It will not be wrong to contact multiple Pixel Controller manufacturers. You can put forward your queries. As a result, it will become easy for you to figure out what you want. If you have any concerns related to the controller usage, then you should put up questions regarding this aspect also.

Follow these guidelines and you will be contented with your controller selection. Remember, a quality brand will never let you down by any means.