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How to Choose the Right Travel Containers for Toiletries

Given that toiletries are small in size and mainly liquid, you would think that they’d be the easiest to pack, but it’s actually the opposite. They are, in fact, the hardest to pack and even frequent travelers face the toiletry-packing challenge every now and then. No matter how well made and downsized their containers are, they’re still a pain to pack because there’s just too many of them.

Travel Containers for Toiletries
Travel Containers for Toiletries

Travel Containers for Toiletries

You have your shampoo, toothpaste, conditioner, make-up, and other grooming products that come in their own little containers that were probably made through plastic injection molding in China. These so-called ‘travel-sized’ products aren’t travel-sized at all. Sure, they’re smaller than the ones you use at home, but not small enough to make packing easy, which is why we’ve whipped up this article here.

Through this, we’ll teach you how to choose the right travel containers for your toiletries. By travel containers, we mean ones that are actually suitable for travel over air, sea or land, and by toiletries, we mean all your essentials from grooming items to beauty products.

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Used Prescription Bottles

The problem with storing toiletries or grooming items like shampoos and conditioners is that they’re very likely to spill. If you don’t want to find your suitcase covered in your grooming products, then we suggest that you transfer them into used prescription bottles. These are exactly the right size for travel as they can store a hefty amount and are small enough that you can put them in your carry-on. The best part is that these things are spill-proof so you won’t have to worry about dirtying your luggage.

Stackable Pots

Here’s another thing you can use to store your grooming products – stackable pots. Actually, you can store most of your necessities here – beauty products, skincare products, and even jewelry. Be aware, though, that you won’t be able to carry much if you use these to store grooming products. At most, you will only have enough for an overnight or two-day trip. Any more than that and you’re sure to run out. If it’s the other things you plan to use this for, then you will be good for a relatively long amount of time.

Pill Organizers

Although mainly used and created for storage of medicine, pill organizers are also ideal travel containers for your toiletries. Think of the smaller versions of stackable pots. They’re not very ideal for storing grooming or skincare products, but you can use them for your beauty products and jewelry. Each compartment can be filled with different shades of one product or with an entirely different combination of products. Using pill organizers is a much better way of traveling with your beauty products than having to lug all the containers around.


Okay, this may be a little risky as they have a great chance of spilling over and exploding in your bag, but if done right, you can save a whole lot of space without having to leave any products behind. The way to use straws to store your toiletries is to tape off one end and fill it with just enough product so that you have ample space to tape off the other end. It’s not recommended that you store non-viscous products in a straw. Instead, fill it up with moisturizers, suntan lotions or toothpaste, so that it’s less likely to spill.

Key Takeaway

The containers that travel-sized toiletries come in, which are usually made through plastic injection molding in China, aren’t actually the best to travel with. So instead of buying them during every trip, just use the reusable containers we mentioned above. All of these, aside from the straw, can be washed and used over and over again and is sure to help you pack lighter for your trips!

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