How to Find Best Tyre Brands at One Place in the UAE

Tires are one of the essential components of a vehicle. They are responsible for functions like acceleration, braking, and carrying the weight of the vehicle. It is why most automobile professionals recommend investing in quality tires from reliable brands. Irrespective of where you live, there will always be someone selling counterfeit tires.

Best Tyre Brands in UAE

How to Find Best Tyre Brands at One Place in the UAE

The counterfeit tires are almost the same as the original ones but are offered at a lesser price. People get cajoled into buying them, thinking that they got a good deal. However, after a little bit of driving, you’ll realize that the tires are not up to the mark. Therefore, you need to avoid buying tires from unreliable sources.

This article discusses how to find the best tire brands in one place in the UAE. UAE has one of the most vibrant automobile markets in the world. With such a diverse range of automobiles, Emiratis deserve a place where they can find the best tire brands in one place. It’s the least one can do for a country that boasts a police fleet of Lamborghinis, Turismos, and McLarens. Now, let’s get straight to the topic.

Finding the Best Tire Brands at One Place in the UAE

The first thing that you need to do before starting your search is to assess your need. For this, take a look at the car.

1. Car Type

Do you need Toyota tires or Audi tires? The answer is quite simple. The tires depend on the vehicle. If you own a Toyota, you need to look for the best Toyota tires. On the other hand, if you own an Audi, you need to look for the best Audi tires. These two automobile brands offer various models, and they are quite different from one another. Therefore, the tires need to be quite specific and depend on the vehicle make and model.

2. Type of Driving

What type of driver are you? Is your sole focus on getting to point A from B? Do you like to corner at high speeds or push the car to its limits? These are questions only which you can answer. If you own a high-end Audi vehicle, there’s no doubt that you would want to push it to its limits. In that case, you need to buy high-end tires. For instance, it’s best if you buy Pirelli or Continental tires.

If you prefer simple city driving, you can get standard tires from brands like Yokohama, Kumho, and Hankook. Please note that standard tires do not mean they are of low quality. Instead, they are just not built for performance-oriented driving. Once you have assessed your driving type, it is time to select the tire.

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3. Tire Type

There are various types of tires available in the market – off-road, all-season, summer, winter, high-performance, ultra-high-performance, and the list goes on. But as the article focuses on the UAE alone, we must tell you which tires are best for the UAE market. In the UAE, the winters are not that cold.

Therefore, you can opt for a summer tire. If you own an SUV or a 4×4, you can buy a separate set of 4×4 (off-road tires). However, technology has come a long way. Today, you can quickly drive over mountains and mud with everyday driving tires. That’s how far the tire industry has come in terms of innovation.

4. Tire Size

Within the different tire types, you will find different tire sizes. In simple words, you can find tires by size. The recommended tire size will be mentioned in the owner’s manual. It will say something like ‘265 65 r17’ or ‘195 65 r15’. Many of you would know how to read this number. For those of you that don’t know, there’s no need to worry.

The 265 indicates the tyre’s width. It means that the tire needs to be at least this wide. The 65 is the aspect ratio. It indicates that the tire’s height must be 65% of the width. The ‘r’ refers to the construction of the tire, which is radial. The 17 is the wheel diameter. It means that the tire needs to be the one that can fit onto a 17-inch wheel.

Can you equip smaller or bigger tires? Well, most people do it. However, it can cause performance-related issues if the tyre is too big or small. If you are not an expert, it’s better not to play around and equip the tire with the recommended tire size. Now that you have jotted down these details, it’s time to look at the places offering branded tyres.

5. Do a Quick Google Search

The best way to find a single shop that offers all branded tires is through a simple Google search. Search for ‘Michelin Toyota Tires’ or ‘Pirelli Audi Tires’. Likewise, you can search for ‘215 60 r16 tires’. Keep searching using different brand names. You will witness the name of different businesses that offer these tires. There will be a few businesses that are common in all the searches. One such business is ‘PitStopArabia’.

6. PitStopArabia

People living in the UAE will already be familiar with this name. PitStopArabia is one of the biggest online tire retailers in the UAE. It offers products from every tire brand in the world. No, we are not joking. Think of any reliable tire brand. Do a Google search for it and add PitStopArabia in the search query. Give it a try! You can search as many tire brands as you like until you are completely satisfied. You can also search using the tire size.

How to Find Best Tyre Brands at One Place in the UAE

PitStopArabia is not a typical online tire shop. It’s much more than that. Imagine that you need tires for the vehicle but don’t have the time to go to the shop. Most of us face this problem, right? With PitStopArabia, that’s no longer a concern because they also mobile deliver and installation of tires. In other words, you can get your tires delivered and installed at home, office, or anywhere in the UAE!

Moreover, their workforce is extremely professional, and their tire services are available throughout the UAE. If you need tires in the UAE for any vehicle (Lamborghini, Mercedes G Wagon, Toyota Corolla, Audi A5, or even a commercial van), give PitStopArabia a try. They won’t disappoint you.

Wrap Up

This concludes our article. We are confident that you found this information informative. If you ever find yourself in need of tires in the UAE, give PitStopArabia a try and share your experience with us. Thank You.

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