How to Get Affordable Dental Treatment?

Oral health is very essential for well-being and general health. It has a huge impact on the self-appearance and quality of life of people. Oral health is more than just good teeth. Oral health is an overlooked component that is why dental diseases are emerging as public health problems. Dental diseases restrict daily activities with people who are low-income. Therefore, affordability is a factor that has an influence back on dental health. Dental treatment is one of the most expensive, so people avoid going to the dentist for regular checkups or other dental work. However, below are the options that will enable you to get dental care without worrying about it.

#1. Engage in “Dental Tourism”

Traveling to other countries for the treatment can be very expensive, but it can be worthwhile as dental tourism in India enables you to save up to 70% cost of dental treatment. For example, the dental implant cost is almost 6 times lower in India. We at Dr. Madhvi’s Dental Clinician arrange your travel and provide you with the most trusted dental services by highly qualified and experienced professionals. In comparison to other developed countries, almost 150,000 people travel to India every year to get low-priced medical treatment. Also, India is one of the places which is rich in culture and has a lot of beautiful places to visit like the Taj Mahal, Red Fort, Lotus temple, etc. Also, dental procedures do not take much time to recover. Hence a tourist can enjoy to the fullest.

Affordable Dental Treatment
Affordable Dental Treatment

#2. Discount Cards 

A number of discount cards are available for dental care. Also known as “dental saving plans” which gives a discount of 15 to 50 percent. They charge a monthly or annual fee in exchange. For instance, take a look at these new patient promotions by this reputable Dentist in Las Vegas.

#3. Dental Schools

A simple way for affordable dental care is having procedures done at a nearby dental school saves a significant amount of money. Your dental treatment, cleaning, or filling, or any routine procedure will be done by a dental student overseen by one of their teachers. You’ll be helping a new generation of dentists get the experience they need. Just make sure that any dental school you choose has a good reputation and is recognized by the government.

#4. Use Government Resources

Depending on your age and income level, there are many government programs to access affordable dental care. If you are a parent working in a government organization, you may be able to take advantage which will help you pay for dental and medical care for your children.

#5. Membership at Dental Clinics

Some dentists offer their own membership plans for a discounted rate for dental work. Most plans include preventive dental care. You may pay a monthly or an annual fee for the membership. You can only use your membership at the same dentist’s office, unlike insurance plans which you can use anywhere. It is cheaper for patients and benefits the dentists.

#6. Visit a Non-Profit Organization

There are a number of registered nonprofit organizations that focus on providing free or low-cost dental care. Companies like Global Dental Relief, Charitable Smiles, Dentistry from Heart, Mission of Mercy, etc. provide dental care for those who can’t afford it by themselves. Each non-profit organization will have its own criteria for eligibility and which services are covered. You will need to look for the organization in your state and contact them directly to know what their requirements are.

#7. State Dental Associations

Various associations offer some ways to have affordable dental treatment. Some manage foundations that provide dental services to the community. You need to check with your state dental association to see which services and programs are available.

#8. Teledentistry

It is the future of dental care, particularly for “emergency situations”. With teledentistry, patients can connect to the dentist remotely without going to the clinic. It is often less expensive. You can share photos and videos with your dentist for a dental assessment, and ask for a prescription. Though you will still need to go to the clinic to get the procedures done.

Final Word

It is great to save money, but your topmost priority should be taking care of your teeth. However, it is a must to know that you should pay attention to dental problems whenever necessary. The last thing you want to do is ignore your problems and make them worse. This may cause long-term suffering and other health problems which will cost you a lot later.

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