How to Get Fit on a Treadmill Easily and Effectively


Treadmill helps you to get fit and improves the stamina of the total body. You can easily enhance the joints and cardiovascular system without going outside. The quick improvement will help you to continue your everyday routine with some fitness exercises and get a perfect shape. Besides, if you are a runner and you cannot go outside for bad weather, you can practice on your treadmill. Some tips can help you make your treadmill workout more effective.

Tips to Get Fit on a Treadmill

Get Fit on a Treadmill

There are many treadmills on the market, and you have to choose the best treadmill for home. Now I am going to show you some ways to get fit on a treadmill.

Warm-up yourself

At first, you need to warm-up to start your exercise on the treadmill. For this, walk slowly for 5 to 10 minutes on your treadmill. It is not like that you jump on the treadmill and start the workout. Do the warm-up every time you start your workout on the treadmill. It will help you to prepare the body for exercise. Then you should do some quick stretch for the quadriceps, glutes, ankles, calves, shins, etc. Hold the stretches for few seconds. Total stretch time is five minutes.

Then gradually increase the warm-up speed and then start the exercise.

Practice with a low incline

Your treadmill will contain the option of setting incline. Set the incline to 1-2%. You need not more incline at first in the indoors weather. If you are new at running, I will suggest you start with 0% incline before building up the fitness and feel comfortable on the treadmill.

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You can start the treadmill workout with 10 minutes walk. You can make a workout routine with some alternating days in the first week. Then start to increase the amount of workout time. You can add more five minutes to the days during the second week. Then you can walk 20 minutes in the third week. Jog for two minutes, then run for five minutes.

You can continue to add some more minutes to the session of every week. You can go up to 60 minutes. Gradually increase your running time and increase some incline. You should do it at a comfortable pace. Mix up the routine of your workout training. You can choose the varieties of workouts such as a hill, cardio workout etc.

Cooling down

After every time workout, you should cool down yourself. It is essential. For this, you should decrease the speed of your walking. As an example, when you are jogging at the rate of 5 mph, you should decrease the speed to 4 mph. At the first minute of cooling down, you should decrease the speed by waking at three mph.

Then you can walk slowly for ten minutes. It will help your body to return the metabolism, calm the heart rate and breathing rate, decrease the body temperature gradually. Now you need to stretch your total body for ten minutes. You should complete 3-4 repetitions for every stretch. Hold the stretch for 10-15 seconds. However, with doing the stretch, you can increase the flexibility of all the muscles and enhance the motion around the joints side.

Hydrate properly

When you spend some time on your treadmill on a daily basis, you have to lose more water because indoors contain less air to cool you down. So, you should hydrate yourself properly. Always put a bottle of water within your reach. You can take little water during your workout.

You can visualize a known route

It is a trick to pass your workout time on the treadmill easily. You can visualize the route that is known to you because you frequently drive this route. Try to think that you are running on this route alone and enjoying the landmarks and buildings alongside this way.

Listen to some music

It is another great idea to listen to some music during the workout. It will keep you motivated and bring peace to your mind.

Do not care the time

It is not good to continually see the spending time on the treadmill. It will decrease your form. Do not look down because it can also make back pain and neck pain. So, look straight for the safest workout on your treadmill as you do outside.

Treadmill exercise is not hard. Just you need to fit on your treadmill for the first time. To keep the body healthy and fit, you should not stop practicing running or walk on your treadmill.