How to Get Rid of Tinnitus – Your Answers to Living with Tinnitus Here

Do you hear buzzing or ringing noises from your ears? This can be a confusing state, but doctors diagnose the condition as tinnitus. The causes of this condition are diverse starting from damaged ears from loud noise to ear infections. Some people develop the disease from high blood pressure while others get it from aging. Despite such factors, it can be a scary condition that can leave you with endless questions.

Get Rid of Tinnitus

How to Get Rid of Tinnitus
How to Get Rid of Tinnitus

Statistics reveal that about 50 million people in America have tinnitus. The condition in most people can last for more than six months.  You can, however, learn how to cope with the discomfort in the following ways:

Allow Your Doctor to Check Your Earwax

We are advised to remove earwax regularly because excess can cause tinnitus. When it comes to this, a doctor can clean your ears to remove excess wax that could be producing the sounds. They recommend that you use water to clean your ears instead of cotton swabs which are unhealthy since they can harm your inner ear.

Rule Out the Possibility of Having a Head Trauma

Rule out the possibility of having a head trauma
Rule out the possibility of having a head trauma

Some tinnitus comes from head trauma. In this case, the sounds are loud and persist all through the day. Doctors call it Somatic tinnitus. Such a condition has symptoms such as the loss of concentration and memory loss. Your doctors can treat it through surgery to position your jaw accordingly.

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Educate Yourself about Tinnitus

Reduce your doubts and confusion by gathering every information there is regarding your condition. It will help you make significant decisions that your doctor would make on your behalf regarding your treatment course. The knowledge regarding your health can also help you determine which form of therapy is suitable for you.

Check if it is a Vascular Condition

Some people develop pulsating sounds that involve having the noises in your ear sync with the pulse of your heartbeat. They call this a vascular condition that is reversible through surgery and medication. High blood pressure could cause it. Vascular tumor or the arteries hardening. Listen to the sounds in your ear to determine how it rings or buzzes.

Recognize Your Triggers

Identify your triggers that make the condition worse. Know what affects your tinnitus since there are different causes so that you stay away from your triggers. Each person has different triggers so knowing yours will help you keep track of the situations that make the buzzing or ringing louder.

Have a Change in Medication

Have a change in medication
Have a change in medication

Sometimes, drugs could be the cause of your tinnitus. If you are taking lots of antidepressants, or medicines to control your blood pressure, they may lead to the buzzing sound. Some people use Xanax to manage tinnitus, but it comes with severe side effects and may lead to Xanax addiction. Your doctor can change your medication into drugs that don’t affect your ears or cause severe side effects.

Try Alternative Treatment

Other than the conventional drugs from the hospital, you can try remedies such as gingko biloba from health stores. This remedy is sometimes useful to reduce tinnitus.  You can also try Vitamin B, Zinc supplements, acupuncture or hypnosis.

Avoid Worrying

The treatment starts with your mental state. Stress increases the sounds in your ears. It does not have to make you worried. See it as a temporary condition that will pass soon and not a serious concern that should elevate your stress levels.

Find a Support Group

Such support groups have experts that educate the patients about hearing damages and research about the condition. Though tinnitus may be different for everyone, reaching out to others going through similar experiences will help not feel isolated and reduce any stress levels by making you motivated.

Take Your Medications Religiously

Take your medications religiously
Take your medications religiously

After a change of drugs, ensure that you take your medication as prescribed to help you relax and reduce the voices in your ears. These drugs can suppress the symptoms of tinnitus and help you recover within no time.

Get Hearing Protection

Sometimes, in public, you cannot control the intensity of noise from the surrounding. You can, however, use hearing protection to ensure that the sounds do not make the condition severe. You can get this device from your doctor and always take it with you as you move just in case you need it. You can make use of ear muffs when you are using machines such as power tools or leaf blowers.

Make Use of White Noise

A repeating sound can help you sleep well when fighting this condition. Use a white noise machine to suppress the buzzing sounds in your ears. Such a device emits nature sounds that help you relax. A radio, an air conditioner or your fan can also be useful to achieve the same effect.

Get a Masking Device

A masking device is a form of acoustic therapy that amplifies how you hear. Your doctor can provide the device according to your condition to produce white noise and help you reduce the disease. This device is efficient by 92% to reduce tinnitus. Neuromonics therapy is also a form of counseling that can help you recover.

Enroll in Retraining Therapy

This is a form of long-term therapy that reduces the discomfort of the sounds when the other treatments are not working. The therapy can go for one year in severe cases of tinnitus.

Adjust Your Lifestyle

Adjust your lifestyle
Adjust your lifestyle

Meditation and yoga will help you when you are feeling stressed. Engage in exercises and have enough rest to enhance the functioning of your body. Ensure that you stay away from any loud noise that is not healthy for tinnitus. Reduce the high consumption of nicotine, caffeine as well as alcohol.

Attend Counseling Sessions

The sounds in your ears can cause stress or depression. Counseling will help you deal with anxiety and depression as you seek better ways of coping with your condition mentally. A professional can help you with this. Seek help from trained counselors who understand your situation.

Final Thoughts

Tinnitus should not be a bothersome condition since you can effectively manage it and get used to the sounds in the ears. If you try not to notice them or distract your mind from them, they will not be a bother anymore.

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