How to Improve Demand Planning Accuracy?


There is no such software existing in the market that can clearly tell you or predict the details for you as to how your product is demanded in the market. There are quite a very few ways that bring in operational efficiencies and generate profit for your organization throughout the year as required by the owner of the company. You can start with following mentioned ways by Jonathon Karelse in order to increase the accuracy and proficiency of your company.

The first and foremost thing for your business is to focus on the assumptions and starting values. After the values are derived, they are analyzed and properly organized and then these values were communicated. If the same delivered to your team members, thus, giving them an opportunity to provide a reasonable opinion for their business forecast.

All the necessary assumptions that are to be kept in mind are as follows:

  • Buyers in the market.
  • Purchasers of the product that is presented in the market.
  • Presenting with economic cycles as to how demand for the product is rising or if the demand is not that much as expected by the company when they launched the product.
  • The number of times the product was replaced or repeated. This helps in knowing the customer’s option about how they have received the product and can take the feedback from them.

How to Improve Demand Planning Accuracy?

How to Improve Demand Planning Accuracy
How to Improve Demand Planning Accuracy

A broader perspective can be achieved by presenting wide ranges of forecasts that would help in knowing about the market conditions, product demand, and other probabilities.

One of the most important ways for improving the demand planning accuracy can be done by avoiding the delay in providing the product. In order to minimize the delay, one must increase the efficiency and proficiency and make sure that there is sans delay and customers get the utmost satisfaction from the product that they receive.

In most of the cases, forecasting methods help in popularising your product, Jonathon Karelse of NorthFind Partners. Through the same, one can develop an effective and accurate model. Thus, in order to make your product better, nothing is better than a forecasting method.

Well, before incorporating the forecasting method in your business, one must involve the right people who have basic knowledge about technology and have access to market information. With the same knowledge, the forecast that is displayed can be of great advantage to the people who are actually in need of that.

Measuring and reporting the forecast accuracy can be done only when you have precise knowledge about the same. Make sure that you review the forecast as it is important to have reality checks for the product and your work. The reality check would help in assessing the sales and performance in the market, and this will help in achieving the feedbacks, and through the same, one can develop their website and the product.

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And in the end, Jonathon Karelse concluded his speech by saying “This reality checks should be conducted frequently especially for the new products so that the new products can be improved accordingly.”