How To Make Good Use Of The Washing Machine

Washing machines are designed to be tough, but their job may make them suffer repairs at an unexpected instant. Have you recently bought a washing machine after having enough of your family’s bickering? So you have bought the electronic appliance. Now you want to know how to make the best of it.

The Washing Machine

In this article how to make good use of the washing machine, you will gain valuable tips on operating the washing machine, learn of the detergent, fabric softener for various garments and the ways to prevent the clothes from getting spoiled. However, it also helps you to know how to use a top loader washing machine.

You Should Check Tags For Special Instructions

Almost all the clothes in recent times are machine tolerant, but it is advisable to check the tag. You have bought an expensive cloth, but it has shrunk after a wash in the appliance. You lose your money. So, exercise precaution on the usage of warm or hot water. Some clothes can handle bleach whereas others cannot. Please note the following tips –

You should separate clothes that have strict instructions from the manufacturers as dry clean or hand wash. Do you have doubts on where to search for the instructions? In shirts, you can find the instruction labels on the interior of the shirt. It can also be located in the neck area. You can find the labels in the pants near the belt area or near the rear of the pants.

How to wash different clothes
How to wash different clothes

You need to separate the laundry according to color. If you have dyed a cloth to your favorite color, beware of washing it in the appliance. It can lose the color and damage the entire load. This is the main reason, home improvement experts specify on differentiating the clothes by shade. So, separate the clothes – darks from the light ones. The dark colors include blacks, dark reds, dark purples and dark blues. Light includes pinks, whites, light green, lavender and sky blue colors.

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If you have jeans/ denim, they need to be washed in the separate load

Agreed, the washing machine is for cleaning the clothes. But the clothes come in various types. So you have to separate the heavy from the light clothes. In case of heavy

clothes, they are spun and tossed around. There is a special parameter for heavy clothes in washing machines such as setting and temperature. When the load is mixed with clothes lightweight, they can get damaged.

For example, you should wash the lingerie, washable silks and pantyhose separately. In case of heavy fabrics, you have the jackets, heavy cotton pants, bath towels, and sweaters.

There is a special variety to wash delicate garments under a normal load. The mesh wash bags. You can load one or two of these bags to protect them during a wash load of medium clothes. Please note that these bags do not protect the garments from other color letting garments.

Stained Clothes – Do you have stained clothes? Then be careful. Some stains spread when they are subjected to heat. So avoid washing them in the appliance. In case of oil stains and greases, pre-treatment is required.

Right Washing Cycle – It contains two speeds. One where the clothes are mixed with water; and the second is spinning the water from the clothes. You should know to set the right cycle for the fabric you use.

Normal – The cycle is the need for dirty and sweating clothes. On a normal basis, you can wash linen, cotton, towels, light denim (old) and bedsheets.

Permanent – It follows a fast and slow approach. This cycle prevents wrinkles. Synthetic fibers such polyesters, rayons and knits can be washed.

Delicate cycle – as the name suggests, it needs a slow approach and prevents wear as well tear. It is required for specific and expensive garments such as lingerie or woolen fabrics.

Special cycles – New models have special parameters such as (1) sanitize (2) steam (3) remove stains (4) protect garments. You can refer the manual for further explanations of the cycle.

The temperature of Water

Do you bathe in hot water? There is a popular theory, that hot water can kill the germs on the skin, activates the nerves etc. In reality, medium water temperature allows the detergents to get dissolved quickly so that the dirty clothes look clean and bright. But be cautious. In some clothes, hot water can play havoc and shrink the clothes, the fabrics can suffer a fade, certain stains can spread. The electricity bill can explode. So check the instructions’ manual and choose a temperature that can prove better for you and the cloth.

Want more tips – Here they are –

Cool water – delicate cycle – delicate clothes such as lingerie.

Warm water – dark color clothes and for a daily load.

Hot water –  bedding, dirty clothes and kitchen towels.

Detergent – Home improvement experts advise on the use of water and dissolving of detergents before loading clothes. The detergent should be properly dissolved before loading the clothes. Have an eye on the amount of detergent. You can check on the detergent box. The manufacture instruction label can help you.

washing machine
washing machine


So there we come to the end of the article on how to make good use of the washing machine. Hope you have gained enough good points. Shall we take the example of a case study? Let us imagine you are in Pune. You have a washing machine, and being the dutiful family head, you service electronic appliance in your home at least once in six months. But even after maintenance, the appliance malfunctioned.

Now, instead of asking for referrals or searching on established websites, you are interested to hire the best technician for washing machine service repair in Pune. There are many home maintenance companies in Bangalore which offer doorstep repair services. All you have to do is to download their app and book a service as per your convenience. The concerned technician will come on the scheduled time and restore the appliance back to normal.