How to Make Money Easily Creating a Treasure Hunt Business

Stories of finding a pirate treasure map are a great way to get kids and adults to use their imaginations. Maps have been found, followed, and the riches have been revealed buried, lost in the ocean, and tucked away for people to find centuries after they were deposited in their locations.

Find out How to Make a Profit on Your Hobby

Find out How to Make a Profit on Your Hobby

But a treasure hunt doesn’t need just to be part of history. Businesses are creating their own quests as a way to make money. People are always going to be lured in by the potential of treasure-hunting. Treasure hunt clues are fun to follow, and the process itself attracts many people wishing to participate.

Treasure Hunt in Your State

A lot of us like the idea of a treasure trail, but not so much work on the development. The biggest question is where to provide hints and valuables. You will need some type of prompts, similar to scavenger hunt clues, that an adventurer will follow to their treasure. Turning this fun idea into a viable business may be difficult.

Questions to ask yourself before monetizing a prey treasure hunt are:

  • Where will the treasure be hidden?
  • Where will you leave clues?

Forrest Fenn, a quirky antiquities dealer, reignited hunters after he released clues to a treasure worth $2 million he had buried in the Rocky Mountains. Fenn wanted to get people to go out and explore, so he left some hints in his own personal memoir titled “The Thrill of the Chase.”

Since no one really knows how to make a treasure hunt from the start, you need to pick a location first. A few ideas are:

  • Public parks
  • National or state parks
  • Your own land

If you don’t want to open up your own business and arrange frequent events, a national or state park is a good idea. The land is publicly owned and allows your potential customers to go on the property without fear of breaking any trespassing laws.

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Location is Everything.

Before you even think of anything else, pick a site where you’ll be burying the treasure. Once it is set, and you know what kind of valuables will be hidden, it’s time to move into the most important phase: monetization.

How to Monetize a Treasure Hunt

Monetizing your treasure hunt will be a decision that you make. You’ll need to provide clues and have prizes that allow you to sell the venture. There are a few ways to do this:

  • A lot of people are leveraging eBooks because they’re easy to create and sell. You have many options here, including using Amazon’s self-publishing platform. You can provide clues, write a poem, or think up another unique method of placing clues inside the book that will lead to riches. Market the eBook as it is a brilliant way to make a profit from your undertaking.
  • Website: I’ve read of quite a few people creating their own website where they hold treasure hunts often. Clues are posted on the site, and there’s usually information in a member’s section. Selling access to the hints is the most lucrative option as you won’t make much money promoting ads.
  • Apps: A few people have had the idea of designing an app. The program itself may be lucrative, with ads and potential payment. You might offer the option to pay for better clues for a treasure.

You’ll find many people actually bury valuables for their venture, but others have hidden digital codes, which can be claimed on a site or app. The digital code idea is good, but it may also be worthless when a business venture closes. But the option is 100% up to you. You can determine how the adventurers will be able to redeem their prize or whether you simply bury the treasure for the person to uncover.

Product launches are also possible options if you create your own treasure hunt. For example, let’s assume that you have 100 acres of land and want to make this into a viable business. A good way to earn is to allow a certain number of people to enter the hunt with paid tickets and hold the event every first of the month, or every two weeks if there’s a market for it.

Eastnor Castle, which is a massive estate, often offers tickets to their Easter treasure hunt. Some 3,000 tickets are sold during this time, so there’s definitely good money to be made from the right idea. Your next step is to make sure your business is advertised.


While a treasure hunt may seem like a game just for kids, it’s a great pastime for adults, too. People want to be outdoors, and this quest sparks the imagination. Choose the right location and monetization method, and you’ll be on your way to a profitable business.