How to Make Your Gift Cards Sell

Gift cards are a great way to make sales, and ordering gift cards is easy when you go to Square for them. Square will customize the gift cards you order with the name of your business and its logo. Remember to keep it simple with numbered custom gift certificates, and use the following tips to get your gift cards noticed and purchased.

Make Your Gift Cards Sell

How to Make Your Gift Cards Sell

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Place your Gift Cards in As Many Places As Possible

Put your gift cards where people who come to you can see them. Position them close to the cash register if you own a restaurant. If you own a business with a waiting room for your customers, put your gift cards somewhere in this area. And don’t forget to mention that gift cards are available on your menu or your brochure. You can also call attention to your gift cards by mentioning them on your receipts from Square.

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Provide Some Incentive

Tell your customers that they will get a gift card for free after spending a certain amount of money on your business. Doing this will encourage them to spend more, and it will increase your profits. Sometimes gift cards are given away to friends and family once they are obtained this way. If people give away the gift cards they receive, that’s okay because you’ll have more new customers.

Use Business Events to Your Advantage

Business events held by other businesses in your local area allow you to get your business noticed. By offering a prize in a raffle at these events, you’ll draw in winning customers.

Announce That You Have Gift Cards in an Email

Sending out emails that tell people gift cards are available is easy. It’s an effective way to sell more cards. If you want your emails to result in you selling many gift cards, time them right and send them out right before holidays like Christmas and Valentine’s Day.

Have Your Gift Cards Custom Made

Make a good impression by having your gift cards custom-made. Have them designed to look different than others you’ve seen. An interesting phrase that’s clever and unique could make your gift cards stand out from the rest. So can a striking look. Custom order your gift cards from Square.

Reward for a Referral with a Gift Card

Encourage people to spread the word about your business by offering them a gift card for their efforts. When you get a new customer someone referred to you, give the person who referred the customer a gift card as a thank you.

Market Your Gift Cards on Social Media

Go to social media sites and submit posts about the gift cards you offer. Lots of people visit these sites. Place some ads to attract more viewers. Gift cards are popular, but if people don’t know they’re available, they won’t buy them. Get the word out and use the tips above to sell your gift cards.