How to Open Combination Safes


Since the beginning of capitalism, humans started to think about the safety of their wealth and riches. Thus, different kind of safes has been invented. A combination safe is one of the locking systems with utmost priority. As it has become an issue of security of wealth, it has become a must to know how to open combination safes.

Here we will lead you to know a clear idea about the combination safe system and its opening system. Before that lets, understand what a combination safe is.

What is a Combination Safe

What is a Combination Safe

A combination safe is a locking system where the unlocking protocol is a combination rather than a key, biometric, or others. These safes are used to keep important things and documents safe from intruders. These are also called vaults.

Generally, safes are steel made box with a locking system. Sides of a safe are thick enough that it could not be damaged easily.

How to open Combination Safes by dialing

A combination safe may have a dial with a key lock or only the dial and a handle. Generally, a safe has a combination of three numbers. It is a four-step process to open a combination safe.

  1. Firstly the opening index should be located. Then, the dial should be turned to the left at least four times or more to clear prior attempts. And then stop on the very first number of the combination.
  2. Now, the dial should be turned two times to the right passing the second number twice. And then the dial should be stopped on the second number on the third turn.
  3. The third step is turning the dial once to the left, passing the third number of the combination and stop precisely on the third number on the second turn.
  4. The last and final step is spinning the dial slowly to the right until the dial unlocks and halts.

Some safes may differ from this. For example, in the case of some lockers, clearing will be done by spinning the dial to the right. And then the leftover three steps will be followed but in the opposite direction.

If the safe also has a key lock, then the key is needed to unlock it. Otherwise, the gate of safe can be opened by turning the handle to the right or left.

Buying a combination safe

There are few ratings like fire rating, security rating to help one to choose the best safe according to his need. The size and thickness of the steel plate are also important. U.L. rated fire lockboxes in fire safes are recommended to keep critical safe documents from fire as an alternative way of ensuring expensive data safety. A dehumidifier is also needed to stay away from the harmful effects of moisture.

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End Notes

Safes are of vital use to keep valuable and essential things safe while keeping it to own self. Different kinds of lockers serve this purpose. Combination locks are manual locks having a combination of numbers or passwords. Biometric locks use fingerprints to recognize the owner.