How to Open the Wooden Gate Lock from Both Sides?

Investing in the security equipment is never considered a wrong decision on which you have to regret it in the future. Wooden gate lock is one of the equipment among these. There are many wooden latches you will find in the market, but before that, you need to know “How to open the wooden gate lock from both sides.”

About Wooden Gate Lock:

How to open wooden gate lock from both sides

One side of double gates locks is fixed with a cane bolt or vertical bolt in one place, and the opposite one is an active gate that you have to install to latch on. It means that the fixes gate is connected with cane bolt, which will hold the entrance into the ground, and the other gate can be pulled towards you. To open the double gate, you need to lift the cane bolt at the right panel and need to remove that toward you so that it can be opened.

Which type of latch should be chosen, and why?

You will get many types of latches at your local market, and these have a different structure, design, and mode of operation, which type of fasteners you want is the main factor that will influence you. Choosing the double-sided lock latch is the right latch that will work for you. It means a two-sided lock can be opened from both ends.

What consideration should be maintained while installing the wooden gate lock?

Here are some highlighted points which should be followed to keep you on the right track:

  • To install your wooden gate lock, you should get the service from a professional one for the proper installation.
  • While choosing the latch, you need to consider the hinge of the door, which should be aligned with the size and weight of its durability
  • For your outdoor wooden gate, interior door hardware is not used there.
  • You need to well-known for the thickness of your gate, which will smooth your installation of the latches for your wooden gate lock.

Some guideline before installing wooden gate lock from both sides

Here are some guidelines which are considered while buying from the local market and they are:


Make sure that for your wooden lock, high-quality material should be used, which is resistant to dust, UV rays, and corrosion.


For a wooden gate lock, you should choose a gate latch by which you have a locking system from both sides.

Adjustable System:

Your wooden gate lock should have vertical and horizontal adjustable features so that no sagging occurs in your gate lock.


The design of your gate latch should be designed in such a way so that it can fit on wood or any surface materials.

More Details:

While shopping your wooden gate lock, you need to keep in mind some factors. For this, your research should be understandable, which will give all the answers to your questions. These are:


You need to follow the instruction of the basic tools while installing the wooden gate lock from both sides. There is a rule while drilling holes into the wood, and that is “measure twice and cut once.” This will help you to manage the installation of the wooden gate lock.


You will find many options for latches in the market, which is needed for your installation of the wooden lock. You need to find the proper one which is cost-effective and secure for your lock.

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Security should always be your first priority for yourself and your business. Wooden gate lock is considered one of the ways which will keep your property safe and secure from others. And that’s why we emphasize this article on “How to open wooden gate lock from both sides.” I hope you will find it for your best help.